Next Mega Trade in the NFL

After 14 years at Atlanta Falcons, Quarterback Matt Ryan plays in the NFL in the future for Indianapolis Colts. He becomes successor to Carson Wentz, which the Colts had last handed back to Washington Commander.

2022 NFL Mock Draft Post Matt Ryan Trade | Updated NFL Mock Draft 2022

The 37-year-old Ryan played for the falcons since the third place of the drafts were selected in 2008. Ryan was chosen in 2016 at the most valuable player of the National Football League and led the Falcons in that season in the Super Bowl – there lost the team in the extension against the New England Patriots.

The Falcons got in the exchange business communicated on 21 March only an access right in the second round of drafts from the Colts. Because the team tried around Deshaun Watson over the past few weeks and has distanced themselves from Ryan, the Falcons were in a comparatively poor negotiation position.

Watson, however, decided for a change to the Cleveland Browns. The Falcons undertook the last contractless quarterback Marcus Mariota.