Ghostwire Tokyo, how to earn Meika quickly

Meika is the main method with which you can buy in Ghostwire Tokyo consumables, upgrades, additional Katashiro, ammunition for your bow and more. While many of them are handed over to them, there are a few tips that you can integrate into their run through the game to quickly earn XP in Ghostwire Tokyo.

While Meika can be found in golden pots on the whole map, there are some of the lucrative ways to earn Meika, not to smash these pots. Instead, the key to swelling a lot of Meika is to find other collectibles and to meet some of the missions and goals that will be given to them. This will help you to earn next to Meika XP if you complete some of these activities.

In this guide, therefore, these methods are treated and the activities you should do if you want Meika quickly earn in Ghostwire Tokyo .

Ghostwire Tokyo, how to earn Meika quickly

Ghostwire Tokyo - Pious trophy (putting 10000 meika into offering boxes)
There are 5 main activities and goals that you can fulfill to earn Meika quickly in Ghostwire Tokyo . These include:

  • Complete main missions and co-missions
  • Collect spirits and reduce over a telephone booth.
  • Close Nekomata requests from
  • Find ether crystals
  • Feed dogs

The best way to earn a lot of Meika is to complete main missions, co-missions and Nekomata requests. When you complete missions, you will get a pocket full of Meika at the end.

However, when it comes to Nekomata requests, you must find relics on the map and deliver them to the Nekomata that would like the object. Relics make a cat noise when you approach you, which should help you to recognize everyone they pass. Completing these inquiries can bring you up to $ 10,000 Meika in some cases.

Ethers crystals also provide you with a lot of spirits, but you should also look for the floating golden ether crystals in a porcelain cat. These give you about twice the amount of Meika when they are smashed.

Finally, feeding dogs with dog food will cause them to dig in the ground and present them with a reward, which sometimes can be a piece of Meika.

And there you have it. So you can earn Meika quickly in Ghostwire Tokyo. Further tips and tricks can be found in the complete mission list of Ghostwire Tokyo and more in our exemplary approach to Ghostwire Tokyo.