Basketball EM 2025 in Latvia, Cyprus and Finland

LIVE ???? FIBA EuroBasket 2025 - Host Announcement
The Basketball European Championship 2025 takes place in Latvia, Cyprus and Finland, and Ukraine is further in conversation as a fourth host. This was announced by the Association FiBa Europe on Tuesday in Munich. Thus, in addition to a preliminary round group, Latvia will also align the final round of the 42nd edition of the tournament. Two more groups play in Cyprus and Finland. For this purpose, the FIBA announced in an “act of solidarity” and, despite the Russian crime war, excluding discussions with Ukraine with regard to the orientation of the fourth group to November this year. At the same time, the FIBA will work on a possible alternative. Originally Russia and Hungary had advertised. This year, the EM (1st to 18 September) rises in Germany, Italy, Georgia and the Czech Republic. The German national team completes their group games in Cologne before the final round is determined in Berlin of the European Champion