2: 1 Derby victory: Homburg throws Saarbrücken from the regional care

In front of 6176 spectators, this regional cocal quarter-finals in the Homburg Waldstadion – and the fans of the outsider were allowed to look forward to a surprising derby victory of their FC 08. After chances on both sides it said at the end 2: 1 (1: 1) for the home owners. The FCS is thus rejected after the final defeat against SV Elversberg in the preseason.

Shortly before the break Homburg went through a sharp degree of Duleck with 1: 0 in the lead, boobe had previously brought the ball. In the second section, Saarbrücken increased, seriously dusted from a short distance after Kerber preliminary work for compensation (51.). Jacob missed the guest guide a few minutes later (59.).

Ristl in the angle – Jacob misses the empty gate

Kalkaska Winter Slam Demolition Derby 2022 (2 Man team derby FWD Heat) (2-12-2022) Kalkaska,Michigan
However, Homburg remained dangerous until the end. Duleck missed even scarce (80.), marriage Ristl hit three minutes later in the angle and to suck the stadium (83.). In the detention time Zeitz for the FCS missed the gate only for hair width, even Jacob did not bring the ball from a short distance in the orphaned gate. At the end, the guest players dropped disappointed to the ground, while the FC 08 was allowed to celebrate.

Saarbrücken must now come under the top 4 in the 3rd league to solve the ticket for the DFB Cup.

The quarterfinals in the local Cup Saarland