Eriksen crowns started

As a captain, Christian Eriksen led his team to the lawn of the Copenhagen Parking Stadium at his start-up comeback for Denmark. The stadium, in which he had suffered a cardiac arrest on July 12, 2021 in the European Championship game against Finland. Accordingly, he also received the fans and thus evaluated the special history of the midfielder, who was only on Saturday at 2: 4 against the Netherlands gilded his national return with a dream gate.

In the 57th minute in the game against Serbia, Eriksen then wrote the next chapter: With a worth seeing for the left corner, he scored the 3-0 – under Tasendem Applause of the viewers. He had seen a sovereign appearance of Denmark until then and was allowed to cheer after 15 minutes: Mehle met with his direct acceptance. As a result, the Serbs approached by Mitrovic, but did not affect enough.

Coin thrown at Christian Eriksen after his goalscoring return to international football.

After the break, Frankfurt’s Lindström then built the leadership of the Danes freezing cold (53.) – Marriage of Eriksen for the final score and a goose-bump moment in the parking stadium.