National Team | Hansi Flick praises his team: courageous, refreshing, self-confident

Hansi Flick has praised Chelsea’s “talented” squad and believes the Blues can go far.
After the 1: 1 draw against the Netherlands prevailed in the camp of the German national team predominantly satisfaction. Nevertheless, there were also criticisms on performance in Amsterdam. The votes of the parties at a glance:

Hansi Flick (national coach) : “For the viewers, this was a top game with high intensity. We had the opponent well under control for 60 minutes and would have had to do the 2-0 by David Room. Giant compliment nevertheless to my team, That’s just beautiful, as you play, how everyone goes down the way: courageous, refreshing, self-confident. With the 1: 1 we can be satisfied, though we would rather have won. “

Manuel new (Captain) : “Towards Qatar we have to seriously use every test, that’s valuable. That was neat over wide stretches. The stroke is the team on a very good way.”

Thomas Müller : “I have sold off, nice in the stitches. But in the end we stand with a 1: 1 there, from the 65th minute we lost a bit of control and the balls are too easy. But that is somehow logical on the way where we tumble. “

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Antonio Rüdiger : “It could have been higher in the first half, we had more game shares and better chances. In the second half we had a phase in which we had the ball only back and forth, the opponent Had a chance and used it. “