New Zelda games presented by Nintendo Insider

It seems that some new games associated with the Nintendo The Legend of Zelda franchise could reach Nintendo Switch in the future. Last day, Nintendo announced that it would unfortunately delay the next main delivery of the series, the legend of Zelda: breath of the savage 2 until the beginning of 2023. And although this news saddled several fans of Zelda, it seems that Nintendo still has other plans For the series in process.

According to a source of Nintendo that calls himself Samus Hunter, some new Zelda games could still appear before the launch of Theal of the savage 2 next year. No details were given about what these games could be, but it was said that Nintendo still has “backup plans for other Zelda titles”. According to the drafting of this advance, it seems that the new Zelda Games for Nintendo Switch could still end up being launched in 2022 as a way to close the gap with the launch of They of the wild 2.

So, what could these new Zelda games in question? Well, during the past year, countless different rumors have circulated affirming that Nintendo would be carrying the HD remasters of The legend of Zelda: Wind Waker and princess of the Twilight Change at some point. Previously, Nintendo remastered both entries for Wii U, but due to the low performance of that console, not many fans were able to experience them. Since Nintendo has already performed a series of Wii U to Switch games since the launch of the console in 2017, it would not be a big surprise to see wind waker and princesa Twilight HD take the jump to the new hardware.

On the other hand, maybe this provocation could be related to something completely different. After all, we have seen Nintendo do different things with the Zelda series in recent years outside of the savage. In fact, a new full version of The Legend of Zelda: The Awakening of Link Launched in Switch in 2019. As such, maybe we could see Nintendo do something more with Zelda on the same line in 2022.

Legend of Zelda Breath Of The Wild 2 DELAYED UNTIL 2023!
Regardless of what may be happening, what do you expect to do by nintending below with The Legend of Zelda? Do you think we could see a new game in the launch of the franchise at some point this year? Let me know in the comments or you can communicate with me on Twitter in @ mooreman12.