Cyanide and Bigben Interactive attack the creators of Paranoia: Happiness is warranty in court

If you remember Paranoia: Happiness is Mandatery, released at the end of 2019 and itself from a successful paper role play, you are probably part of the overwhelming majority of players who have been aware of his brief existence at the through murderers, like the one seemed here. Two months after the particularly handy words of Gautoz, who felt that “_black shamrock and cyanide were clearly not ready for an exit so early”, the title disappeared from the Epic Games Store where it was marketed, without the slightest explanation of the share of developers or publisher. Two years later, it is through a judicial procedure started by a complaint file that we learn what has really happened.

In the United States as in France, the judicial proceedings rendered in the name of the people are public, and it is therefore by consulting the register of federal courts that we can have for the first time in two years of Paranoia : Happiness is mandatery . On October 22, 2021, Bigben Interactive (the company including the Nacon video game publisher) and its Cyanid Development Studio, filed a complaint in the American Justice against the Game Forders Paranoia , Eric Goldberg And Greg Costikyan, on the grounds that they made it withdraw from the sale soon after his exit. If we did not read the details of the complaint, we had access to the recent memory of the two defendants, which is particularly illuminated with the relationship between the creators of the license and the French publisher.

On September 6, 2016, Eric Goldberg and Greg Costikyan, licensing rights holders, sign an adaptation contract for their video game playing game with the French Cyanid Studio. While it was supposed to go out in the year, Cyanide delegates the development at the Irish Studio Black Shamrock in the summer of 2017, before being redeemed by Bigben Interactive, which resumed the contract on his behalf. After being pushed back to April 2017 a first time, the release of the game is scheduled at the end of 2019, December 10 at the latest. If the distribution was provided for in the contract on all PC distribution platforms, Bigben claims in August 2019 the Eric Goldberg and Greg Costikyan agreement for an exclusive distribution contract on Epic Games Store, dated October 3, 2019. Problem: This is the first time that the two rights holders are aware of the date of publication of the game, while they have, according to their contract, a right of look at the title, which can only be published with their agreement. The two designers therefore refuse to approve the publication of a press release on the imminent exit of the game, and according to them, Bigben infringes the contract by first outgoing this communiqué.

They have both had access only on September 10, 2019 to a first version of the game, which they must contractually assess to motivate their prior agreement to the commercial release. Instead of the six weeks of contract, they only need two weeks to officially reject this grinding, perclutory of bugs that it would be prejudicial to the brand image of Paranoia . BigBen nevertheless wishes to continue the publication of the title in the State, repelling the exit scheduled for October to 14 November 2019. After again refused the publication of a press release on the new release date, Eric Goldberg and Greg Costikyan refuse the marketing of the new version of the game received, in which they raise 74 bugs minors and major combined. If they remain open to the proposal to continue working on the game without breaking their contract, they oppose a premature exit of the game in this undefined version.

However, Bigben Interactive would have proceeded to the exit of the game in secret and without the agreement of the rights holders in order not to exceed the deadline of 10 December 2019 provided for in the contract. The sum of $ 21,704 was paid to Eric Goldberg and Greg Costikyan, who wished to restore it to the publisher, considering that no payment was due. Seeing that the game was available for sale, they wrote to Bigben to claim the withdrawal of Paranoia: Happiness is MandateRy of the EPIC Games Store. After several refusals, they finally contacted EPIC directly with a request from DMCA, explaining that the publication of the game without their agreement was contrary to the publishing contract and therefore a violation of their rights on the intellectual property of the license. Three days later, on January 24, 2020, EPIC removes the game from the sale while it still has the exclusivity. He has never been reappeared anywhere since.

Not having access to the Bigben interactive and cyanide complaint, but only to the version of the facts of Eric Goldberg and Greg Costikyan, we do not know for which reasons or for what amount in compensation for their prejudice French companies attack creators of the license. However, it is easy to imagine that this is the interpretation of the contract that is involved, and that the prejudice for the publisher and the developers is considerable, the game has been on sale only one month and a half then Whether EPIC had signed an exclusive contract for the amount of “_Prengthy million dollars.”. Perhaps the publisher has been forced to repay EPIC from a portion of the advanced amount, and may it be reluctant to win obvious in view of the short time of sale of the Game ? For their part, the two creators of the license claim the termination of the contract and $ 150,000 in compensation for their prejudice.

The situation will not remain there anyway, Eric Goldberg and Greg Costikyan being ready to go to the trial in this case, reminiscent of aspects that we were talking about it already a year between Frogwares and, already, Bigben interactive. Again, the French publisher has been accused of not respecting his contract, and distribution rights as well as EPIC involvement were already at the heart of the subject.