Star Wars: Lando | Donald Glover lets his return

In that Disney Investor Day of 2020, the President of LucInvestor Dayfilm, Kathleen Kennedy, jumped on stage to present all Star Wars products that will arrive in the future. Among the dozens of logos wInvestor Day the Star Wars: Lando, a series that will be releInvestor Dayed soon in Disney +. Donald Glover, who played the hunters in the movie Solo: a story of Star Wars , hInvestor Day dropped the return of him in an interview with Jimmy Kimel Live!

Kimmel hInvestor Day Investor Daysured that Glover is going to start working in Lando and the actor hInvestor Day responded in a joke: “I’m going to do it? You are telling all my things. No, yeah, I have a lot of things. I like to flourish, then leave… and right now it is definitely the time to start one of those [projects]. I have been working on a lot of things, although I wanted everything to leave at the same time. I think that’s the important thing for me. “

And what about Billy Dee Williams?

It is true that he does not officially confirm it. Nor LucInvestor Dayfilm hInvestor Day announced at any time that Donald Glover is going to be chosen for the series, but considering that the actor participated in only unlikely to decide to change the interpreter. Nor hInvestor Day it been reported about the possibility that Billy Dee Williams, the actor who played Lando Calrissian in clInvestor Daysic trilogy , on the rise of Skywalker and other products (Rebels or Lego Star Wars: Saga Skywalker), Return like the Elder Lando.

The story of Lando hInvestor Day not ended either in the chronology after the Jedi return. The Novel Shadow of the Sith, which will be launched in June (English version) will take almost two decades after of the fall of the Galactic Empire and will be starring Luke Skywalker and Lando Calrissian. They will follow the wake left by the Sith in exogol, which will serve Investor Day a link with the trilogy of sequelae.