2: 1: Viktoria Berlin beats leader Magdeburg

Pressekonferenz vor Viktoria Berlin
Viktoria Berlin’s Coach Farat Toku brought three fresh actors to the Startelf compared to the 1: 3 at VfL Osnabrück. Krahl, Jopek and Theisen were replaced by Sprint, Ezeh and Evina.

Magdeburg’s trainer Christian Titz made it the same to his opposite and also changed three times after the 0-0 against the SV Meppen. Schuler, Müller and Bell Bell made room for Bitroff, Knost and Conteh.

From the beginning, the leader from Magdeburg self-confidently occurred and found himself in the Berlin half. The Viktoria focused on the opposite side on a compact defensive, which has always had an answer to the Magdeburg offensive efforts for a long time. So were large opportunities for the FCM failure. Instead, the favorite was shocked by Lewald’s header: On the preliminary work of Ezeh, the degree was hit in the left corner and suddenly brought the Victoria (19th).

Triple chance without yield

This served the guests as a wake-up call: The pressure was higher and Magdeburg revealed more and more good opportunities. The first high-armature gave Conteh, who sat down the ball over the empty gate (24.). Also ITO (25.) and Knost (26th) and awarded the compensation in more than promising position.

After the Opportunity Firework, Viktoria quickly rejected the FCM offensive into the barriers and started an attack after another. Before the side change, CONTEH sniffs again on the compensation, but the right corner missed huge (41.). The Viktoria saved the scarce lead in the break and stated Magdeburg to date from serious problems.

Berlin caught Magdeburg on the wrong foot

These problems were tightened after the break, when Benyamina scored the 2-0 early in the second passage (46.). Magdeburg defended extremely airy and did not have access. Once again, the FCM failed in attempting direct response and a double opportunity in person of Obermair and Burger a double opportunity (46th), until five minutes later Burgers Headball Gate was unknown – the corner football was previously in goal from the goal (51)

Joker broiners brings Magdeburg again

After Benyamina had left a slightly negligent 3-0 before breather of the final phase (66.), Brünfer finally could bring the FCM to the scoreboard: The joker hit by head to 1: 2 (76.). In the episode was not a trace of a real stop of the FCM. A possible final offensive of the Magdeburger also held Berlin in chess: Only Brünker had the chance to compensate in the 90th minute of play, but Sprint kept the 2: 1 final.

Thus, the Victoria collected the first threesome since December last year and slipped at the SC Verlike. Magdeburg, on the other hand, had to accept a damper and did not manage to expand the distance to the second-placed red devils.

Next weekend, Viktoria Berlin is guests on Saturday (2 pm) at Borussia Dortmund II. Magdeburg welcomes at the same time (2 pm) Viktoria Cologne.