Change-gate around FC Bayern: Baby Pause of Kathleen Kruger blame on the chaos?

The theater around the change mistake of Bayern 4: 1 victory in Freiburg went on Sunday to the next round. Both in SPORT1 double pass as well as at SKY90, several experts and participants expressed themselves to the facts and tried to clarify the still difficult classification.

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“The question is: Who made the mistake? If the referees are involved? Is not it just the mistake of FC Bayern? First the question must be clarified who made the mistake. The referees or the Bayern”, Lothar Matthew said SKY90 and yielded an approximately human reason for the bug of the Bayern page.

“It was the former number of Coman. The managers who held up the number was not there in recent months. She was in the baby break and has come back now. Maybe because she was no longer in the rhythm after she previously for years has made a good job. She probably held up the number of Coman, which she probably held up in one and a half years ago. That was a human mistake that can happen, but that Bayern Munich could cost three points, “says the record National Player About Bavaria Team Manager Kathleen Krüger.

An objection of the SC Freiburg Saw Matthäus despite the mistake of Bayern but not like. “It would be a nice thing when Freiburg would keep the tranquility because everything that happened there has no influence on the overall result.”

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Freiburg Petersen: “That’s a funny thing”

DFB referee boss Lutz Michael Fröhlich took in the Sport1 double pass position to the change-gate and referees Christian Dingert in the duty. “It’s not going well from referee’s point of view, we have to talk about it. We have to discuss the reasons as something like that can happen. The referee as a header is to answer.”

FC Bayern München - Union Berlin 4-0 | Highlights | Matchday 27 – Bundesliga 2021/22
The only involved and as a joker king probably also the highest instance in terms of players had a very clear look at the location. “First and foremost, I am a sportsman and no lawyer. At the end there is a rule violation, as that is evaluated, I’m also curious. But no matter how it is decided in the end, there are probably 50 percent wrong and 50 percent correct,” said Nils Petersen.

“Friendly did not discuss the defeat in the cabin, but the question of what is actually. The one has read that, the other this. It is a great Tohuwabohu with us. I have no idea what happens now.”

And on: “When the Schiri has interrupted the game, I also talked to Niklas Süle. He wondered that Coman had the ball, though he was supposed to get out. I am also wondering. I am one of the most experienced a changing player League and also knows that I’m going to the place only when one is out. That’s a funny thing. “

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But Petersen himself should also be torn back and forth. “I’d like to take the three points for international competition. But I also know that we are a club that has never been great for headlines. That’s why I can live with the decision at the end.”