FIFA22: Fascination per Clubs

The range of playable modes in FIFA is also in the current offshoot: Ultimate Team, classic career mode or the Volta mode based on FIFA Street. A game mode that seems to be overlooked again and again is a few clubs.

At the same time, the true football, which is to be brought to the console in FIFA, seems to come closest: Up to 22 players each control an actor on the grass and contact each other in teams. The possibilities and the potential of this approach, in the past Volta mode ESPORT Talk \ – in which was also hot about it, what makes pro clubs.

Identification with new hero stories

For Patrick Baur , Managing Director of Doppelpass Digital GmbH, results in the fascination, among other things, from identification with its own player and club: “It is definitely a blatant event when you see your Avatar for the first time, like the On a large TV in your jersey, on the back of your number and your name on it, runs on the lawn. ” For him, so “new heroic shafts arise”.

Honestly: That’s what it does with you.


Patrick Baur, Managing Director of Double Pass Digital GmbH

A notch, in which the Pro-Club coach of the VfL Bochum, Alex bar , beats, “It is the aspect to play for your own club.” You can already see this in the career mode: “You run at the VfL outside with Holtmann, play on Losilla and then on the rod that meets and runs into the Bochum curve.”

A feeling of the BAUR also in the Volta mode Esport Talk on “Esport and Football Fans – How does it fit?” had already expressed positive about per clubs, to the point: “Honestly: That’s what I do with you.”

Pro clubs conveys “values for real life”

The coach of the Bochum, however, is a different aspect of pro clubs decisive: “For me, the most important thing about this mode is the transfer of values: subordinate to a team – just as one-counter-one player.” The “I do that” and become “I’m doing that for the team and for the boys”. For rod “values, which are also relevant away from the console in real life.”

This is fed football one to one on the console.

Alex bar, Pro-Club coach of VfL Bochum

Another intersection between real life and game does the exercise manager also recognize in the chopping order within a team: “It also crystallizes in Pro Clubs Leader, which leads the word.” Just as there are “people who push, and some players who are quickly emotional and eaten”. Just after that, it would be: “That’s football. That’s football one to be transferred to one on the console. And that’s what characterizes the mode for me.”

Emotions basically more positive

Jan ‘Gamingalm’ Bergmann , his sign FUT-TRADER but also for years of football coach, looks at the basic mood of the mode ‘an advantage over other modes of the FIFA series: “When I play Pro Clubs, I usually experience positive emotions: I am pleased with my team about successful actions, if something does not work, you build the other. “

Although it would, of course, in pro clubs, that “the ball goes somewhere, where you did not hang,” but the handling of it is another: “If my teammate has a failure because he does not make a giant, then he will Built and there may be a stupid saying under buddies. The situation is much more relaxed than when I’m cramping alone in front of my console seats and in the Weekend League in the last game around the next rank of these things do not do. ” For Bergmann “a giant factor”.

It’s not about having a good player eleven times, but a good team.

Jan ‘Gamingalm’ Bergmann, Fut Trader and football coach

From the point of view of a coach enthusiast ‘gamingalm’ still another facet. Because “give me the eleven best FIFA players and that’s already running,” is not a veritable approach: “It’s not about having a good player eleven times, but a good team that is well coordinated and harmonized.” One must try to “bundle the ideas of all so that we all think about the same way and develop a philosophy as we play this mode and this game.”

Total society chance

Lastly, according to BAUR, there are also opportunities for clubs and society as a whole: “I believe we have a very strong club landscape in Germany, which is a solid pillar for us as a whole society together, no matter what origin and Which status you have. The interest in football takes you together, “the managing director of double pass digital GmbH executes.

This interest is now considered to pick up for him in a modern form: “The next generation may not be in the football club, but is sitting at home in front of the console and slopes. Here I see the contract with the clubs to create a new offer to create a new offer
To get people back into the club and create community experiences. And you can have in Pro Clubs. ”
Therefore, according to BAUR, it would be “extremely valuable” if clubs would use the opportunity to “create a gaming offer like FIFA Pro Clubs and expand this to an escort to get people from the living room and to give them values.”
Because then, according to BAUR concludes, “clubs can perceive their social order”.