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The new MOBA “Predecessor” collects attention at STeam. Secret for sophisticated gameplay and graphics

Inside The Game Episode 80 - The Return Of A MOBA???
The server stress test of the new MOBA “ Predecessor ” was implemented in Steam, and it seems that he had achieved popularity early. It seems that he had a secret, but a very high-scale study as a small studio.

“Predecessor” is a genre game called Multi-Play Online Battle Arena (Common Moba). While attacking the three lanes of top mid-bottom at 5 V5, we aim at a victory well using areas called jungles located in their middle. As well as the role of each position, as well as a flexible response according to the situation, the importance of teamwork and high strategy. Generally, it is a genre that is often created from the 3D look-down perspective, but this work is unusual and the character is a third-person perspective looking from the back. Not only strategicity but also the height of the action property is intuitively enjoyed, it can be said that it can be a playful title even for players who are unfamiliar with MOBA genres.

Visual richness is also the same work, but it should also be. The asset of the same work is once operated by Epic Games, and the published asset of the MOBA “Paragon” ended in 2018 is used. “Paragon” was also a MOBA of the third person viewpoint. “Predecessor” can also check the figure of a hero such as Feng Mao, Gadget, etc. that appeared not only in the game property.

Free assets available in Unreal Engine 4, which are used in this work, were produced by Epic Games spent 12 million dollars (approximately ¥ 1.3 billion). Now I can feel the quality height. Not only graphics but also heroes are also reused, and in a sense, it can be said that it is a work that deeply inherits the DNA of “Paragon”.

“Predecessor” works is Omeda Studios based in London, led by Robbie Singh. He is a popular influencer that collected 50,000 viewers in the delivery of “Paragon”. He said, for overseas media, says the size of the sense of loss at the end of the “Paragon” service, and it seems to have fixed the decision to rebuild the game by itself.

Members of Omeda Games are currently less than 32 people, but using high quality assets will be able to expect the collateral and development efficiency of visual surfaces. In addition, the studio is delivering the development of “Predecessor” at Twitch, and the attitude of emphasizing the community, such as calling the viewer to the test play. It is worthwhile, and earned $ 2.2 million (approximately ¥ 217.0 million) in the early-stage funding fanding. In addition, even in the server stress test that was held from April 1 to 17:00 today, the number of simultaneous connection players in this work is strong, and from the start of the test of April 1, there are more than 6,000 peaks. I was showing (STEAMDB). As a new title, it is a quite number.

Similarly, as a game inheriting assets and game properties of “Paragon”, “Fault” and “OVERPRIME” currently under development are mentioned as early as 2020. Among them, this work looks particularly high.

“PREGON” essence is taken over and developed from the player perspective. This work plans to start early access delivery within 2022 for PC (Steam / Epic Games Store). It is scheduled to be officially released in 2023. It should be noted that the release is scheduled for the console, and the cross-platform play is implemented between the PC and the console.