Freiburg appeals! FC Bayern has to shake about points

The SC Freiburg appeals after the bill of removing the Bayern – with the leadership of the loss of three points threatens. Will the championship be exciting again?

Freiburg moves in front of the Bayern Munichs court, the curious defective error has an aftermath – and the championship could win again something to tension: Bayern Munich threatens after his embarrassing breakdown of the deduction of three points.

The Breisgauer put on on Monday shortly before the date of the date against the rating of the game, now the Bayern Munichs court of the German Football Federation (DFB) must decide on possible consequences.

The SC Freiburg stressed to be in a “non-huddled dilemma”. The situation forces the club “in an active role”, where he has no interest. A motive for the opposition is to create “legal certainty in comparable cases” for the future. It also deals with the “perception of overall responsibility for the association in economic as well as athletic way.”

But the success prospects of the protest are uncertain. On the one hand, the surprising gray zone in the rules. Even experts showed uncertain whether in this case the football rules of the DFB or the legal and procedural order of the association are to be applied. For this purpose, the question would be as if the Bayern Munichs court is the blame longer to the referee team around Christian Dingert or the Munich. Referee’s Wagner Wagner sees responsibility with Dingert.

Dot deduction for FC Bayern?

The prospects for success are nevertheless manageable. “Normally he or someone from his team would have to make sure that the number of players have been right before the game progress. He did not do that and so it’s a mistake of the referee,” said the 58-year-old in the interview with “Spox” and “Goal”. For the replacement processes, “not the FC Bayern is responsible,” the Knut Kircher used in Freiburg as a referee observer supplemented the “SWR”.

In a dot deduction, the record champion in the table “only” would have six counters ahead on the first pursuer Borussia Dortmund, the door for a real master race would open again a gap wide. The Freiburg would detect four at an approval of the points to RB Leipzig on Champions-League Square.

SC Freiburg - FC Bayern München Highlights Bundesliga, 28. Spieltag | Sportschau
At the 4: 1 success, the Munich had played in the 86th minute for 16 seconds with twelve men after Kingsley Coman had not left the place in a double change in time. Previously, Bayern-TeamManager Kathleen Krüger had been held up a wrong back number. “The blackboard is a support and thus a tool. Something can always happen, and again: In the end, the referee is responsible,” said the former impartial Wagner.

“I do not understand it with this objection”

In addition to the ambiguities in the rules and the question of guilt, the fact that the majority had no influence on the final result. He see nothing “playing decisions,” Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann said, “There was no mistake. From the point of view of both teams and fair Bayern Munich, nothing was there what speaks against a fair game.”

Freiburg-Coach Christian Streich Evelieved that the SC had to be active for investigations of the Bayern Munichs court itself: “There is a rules. We are subject to this and then,” said the 56-year-old: “I do not understand it with this objection “

In the moral dilemma between the exploitation of all legal possibilities to increase the opportunities to the Champions League millions and the risk as poor losers, the SC decided on the legal road and the possibly waving money rain. Thus, the bill of removing the Bayern before the Bayern Munichs court for the precedent.