Yo, we will have fun: Kansas wins title in the NCAA

The favored Jayhakws sat down in the final to the title on Monday evening (local time) in New Orleans with 72:69 against the Tar Heels of the University of North Carolina. Kansas picked up 15 points in the second half. According to US media, a larger comeback has never been in a finale for the college championship.

David McCormack scored the final score to the 72:69 for Kansas for 40 seconds. The four last attacks from North Carolina went to the emptiness.

“Yo, we will have a lot of fun now”

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“I stared my teammates at halftime in the cabin and told them: Yo, we’ll have a lot of fun now,” reported McCormack: “They thought I was completely turned out.” For the Jayhawks it was the fourth title. North Carolina, former college of NBA World Star Michael Jordan, missed it as the first team to get the championship for the eighth time.

Both universities are among the nationwide key programs for college basketball in the USA. James Naismith, inventor of basketball, was the first coach at Kansas University. For college based in Lawrence in the US state of Kansas, it has been the first championship since 2008.