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Com2us, Global Baseball Management Game OOTP Baseball, “This season KBO winner is LG Twins”

Baseball Management Games ‘OOTP Baseball’ predicted ‘LG Twins’ as the most powerful winning candidate for KBO League this season.

Com2us (Representative Song Jae-joon, Lee) is a MLB, KBO License Baseball Game ‘Out of The Park Developments’, “Out of the Park Developments” 2022 KBO “has been promoted to the viewing, and the results were released.

‘OOTP Baseball’ is a PC online-based baseball management game that is ahead of the 23rd opening of this year. Based on the official licenses of Baseball countries such as MLB and KBO, we are presenting high reality that reflects the latest player information as they are in the game, and it is a baseball management game that represents the global.

LG Twins KBO Franchise - Episode 1

‘OOTP Baseball’ has conducted a 13,000 simulation of the latest transfer of “KBO League” this season and a 1,000 meeting simulation based on the latest transfer information and Roster, and the regular league winning team, as well as the main title, including the home run and the Lord,

First, this season KBO League winning team prospects, “LG Twins” ranked first with the highest probability. After a ‘LG Twins’, which recorded about 31% of the winning probability, Defending Champion ‘KT Wiz’ and last year ‘SSG Randers’ were achieved as a candidate for the regular league competition. In addition, the probability of winning the second team, which ranked second and third, was similar to the objective power in the game with a slight difference in 3%, but it focused on the attention that the actual league was seen in the actual league.

In the “Laewing” title, which is an exceptionally fierce competition, which is an exceptionally fierce competition, which is an exceptionally fierce competition, which is an exceptionally fierce competition, which is an exceptionally fierce competition, which is the highest picture of the KBO League. In particular, among these players, “Kim Kwang-hyun”, “Willer Font,” the ‘SSG Landers’, such as ‘Ivan Nova’, is also a member of the “SSG Landers”, and also showed off the aspect of winning candidates with a powerful selection power.

In addition, there is a sense of ‘SSG Landers’ in the ‘SSG Landers’, and the ‘SSG Landers’, “Kevin Crohn,” and the “SSG Randers”, I predicted the composition.

Meanwhile, ‘OOTP Baseball’ was the first series of Korean version of the Korean Hanguled Full version, allowing domestic fans to enjoy global representative baseball games even more comfortable and convenient without language barriers. In addition, ‘OOTP GO’, which is the 20-year history’s PC-based management game know-how, is introduced to the global market, and is receiving great interest in baseball fans who love the major leagues.