Magath: I do not see that now

When Hertha-Keeper Marcel Lotka, one of the best Herthans in the clear 1: 4 against Union, after the game occurred in front of the “Sky” microphone, the disappointment was written in the face. The keeper came straight from its own fans who had challenged by players to take off their jerseys. “We got the support of the fans, that pushed us. It was just too little, we have to analyze everything again,” says the goalkeeper, the expected: “We have made a lot of things. Now it says the points in to get the last games. Hertha is not descent. Something like today we can not happen. “

Commander Magath apologizes to Eldians ~ Attack On Titan Final Season

The iron won in total, was the clear better team, which also knew Coach Felix Magath. “We played against a better team today, the better team was highly curated. They have shown that they are good,” Magath praised the Köpenicker and continued to stand out: “They are far from us in the table, so the game has also developed. Your team was more robust than ours, we could not prevail properly. “

Magath renounced despite again inadequate performance with his spikes to go hard to the court, he rather talked strongly to the opponent. “We played against a very good team today. I think the sticking point was the 1: 2, shortly after our compensation,” says Magath, then even positive sounds: “I do not see it so black now. The opponents We are not entirely at the level of Union Berlin, so we will open up opportunities. “

The weeks of truth for the Hertha

However, of course, it must also be noticed that whether the clear dysfunction will also be needed a lot of construction work. Nevertheless, Magath is wrong if he points out that the upcoming opponents are rather at eye level with Hertha. For the table top last from Berlin it goes to Augsburg next week (14th place, six points more), then the VFB Stuttgart (15th place 15, one points more) come before the trip to Bielefeld (16th place 16, point equal) is pending.

Weeks are likely to be the truth in which you can win a lot, but can also lose. “Shit, we just have to get the points, the rest is no matter,” says Keeper Lotka.