Where is Donald and Gofi in the Kingdom Hearts 4 trailer?

At the end of Kingdom and 100 prings sleeping with dream kingdom”, who can fall in love with 185 people, and the 7th anniversary special movie that blooms smiling prince! Announces addition of new features tha”>Kingdom Hearts 4 trailer, Donald and Gofi, faithful gaming companions and Disney icons walking along a dark area in search of some1. But where is Donald and Gofi, and that this last part of the trailer implies that we will see in Kingdom Hearts 4?

Well, it is assumed from the brief the flash of the blue flame before Donald and Gofi changed it AID opposes them. Some identified the speaker as Cusaka Simad, Japanese Aid Aid Aid from Hercules that the couple is in underground world.

It probably confirms the inclusion of AIDA into the game and, possibly, the level dedicated to the Underground World. The Kingdom Hearts franchise is known for gives its fans the opportunity to explore the situation and the worlds of favorite Disney franchises, and now it seems that there is another level on the topic of Hercules for Kingdom Hearts 4.

In addition, the question arises that Donald and Gofi do in the underground world and who they are looking for? Well, considering that the concept of death in Kingdom Hearts is somewhat vague, it is unlikely that they are looking for someone dead. Instead, they can seek the character expelled to hell.

For some reason, they are here, Donald and GUFI obviously bit off more than they can smoke if they directly oppose the God of the underground world!

Kingdom Hearts 4 Reveal Trailer
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