Freiburg objection: Thats how it goes now

So far, all facts seem to be on the table, which speaks for a written procedure with a judgment just before or after the weekend. If Freiburg, which is represented by the prestigious lawyer Christoph Schickhardt, would be raised additional questions, but would also be an oral proceeding.

According to the Freiburg, the legal reasoning of the opposition in the DFB has been received. In their opinion on Monday, inter alia, they had argued with the “overall responsibility for the association in economic as well as sports” as well as the “creation of future legal certainty in comparable cases also for other clubs”.

Whether the sports court first decides by a single judge or equal in a triple body, the court chairman Stephan Oberholz is left. A three-year judgment would shorten the proceedings because, if necessary, the Federal Court would be called directly. His verdict is final in the association.

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_ Comment_ _: _ Two major defects in the legal system – that’s why the Freiburg opposition is correct