Lec Spring Split: Rogue wins top game after residue

After FNATIC was leadership, the final of LEC Spring Split seemed as good as decided. The team around the German Botlaner Elias ‘Upset’ Lipp could decide the first two rounds. Only another victory was needed for the final feed. But then Rogue succeeded the sensation.

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Rogue gets 0: 2 residue

FNATIC showed her victory from the beginning and started at a high speed in the first rounds. Rogue tried to fight bravely against the aggressive way of playing, but did not manage to intercept the onslaught completely. So Fnatic could first play 1 and then play 2 for themselves.

The organization based in Berlin dominated the top duel clearly and yielded the matchball. But this could not use this team: Rogue came back in game 3 more determined and scored the victory.

Revanche in the Grand Final continues to be possible

The team of Rogue consequently wandered her chance and used these: both in game 4 and in the last round they started offensive and made a short process with FNATIC, which had lost control of the game. Both rounds were recovered in only about 22 minutes. Thus, the international organization succeeded in a sensational comeback – and qualify for the final of the LEC Spring Split.

For FNATIC, the tournament is not over yet: the team will have a second chance of the final in the “Loser’s” final “against G2 Esports. The German organization was able to navigate confidently through the “Loser Bracket” and won on the weekend against Team Vitality and Misfits Gaming with 3: 0 each. The top game of the LEC could be in the Grand Final, which takes place on April 10 at 17:00 clock, ie a new edition.

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