Style at the foot: These sneakers wear star

The sneaker is a shoe for all cases. There is hardly any other shoe that is so popular and fits so many occasions. However, the sneaker for everyday life is very popular not only in the broad mass, but especially the great sportss stars appreciate the comfort and comfortable fit of these shoes.

However, they are not only good in everyday life, but also as a relaxation to suit with a sportsswal alga. But who bears which sneakers? We clarify and show you which sportss star wears which favorite sneaker.

A revival of the 80s

What actually intended as a sportss shoe has developed a literally own life in the 1980s. Suddenly, Sneakers were on everyone’s lips, respectively, on all feet. However, they were not used for sportss purposes, such as jogging or athletics, but they were borne in their spare time.

Although the sneaker was not completely out of fashion between the 90s and the 0er, but not so present as he was in the 80s or today. The sneakers in the retro design are still full of trend today. Well-known manufacturers can be numerous for some models even several hundred euros.

Why everyone is wearing these sneakers

Designably, the shoes are reminiscent of the treters from the 80s, but today is much more technique in them. This is mainly important for a healthy walking and running.

What makes a good sneaker?

Nevertheless, the sneakers, as we know them today, should be used only conditionally for the sports. In principle, they only look like sportss shoes and now count more to the everyday shoes. Although they have similar technologies, however, the damping and support technologies are not so mature as well as real sportss shoes.

So that a sneaker is healthy and supports the feet in everyday life, care should be paid to certain properties when buying.

  • Good sneakers are breathable and transports the sweat from the feet to the outside.
  • They have a low weight.
  • The soles ensure good shock absorption.
  • A good sneaker can be worn with and without socks.

In addition, the choice of the shoe should be paid to high quality and good workmanship.

Many athletes work closely with shoe manufacturers

But we now come to the actual topic: sneaker and star athletes. Of course there is some inseparability here because of the profession. Many stars promote sportss shoes and sneakers.

Then there are many athletes together with well-known shoe cells together to design a sneaker. Football star Cristiano Ronaldo is probably a good example here, because he has been more common with Nike to create his own shoes.

It looks similar to the Swiss Tennis Ass Roger Federer, who also launched his own sneaker series with “The Roger”.

NFL star Patrick Mahomes wears superstars

We first look over the big pond in the USA. The Volksports Number One is of course American Football. Here, among other things, the Quarterback of Kansas City Chiefs, Patrick Mahomes II, often in the limelight. In his free time he carries one of the sneaker classics par excellence: the superstars of the German shoe manufacturer Adidas.

The advantage of these sneakers is that in contrast to other models, they are still available for under a hundred euros and not necessarily a value system, unless you have a very special model in mind.

NBA stars swear on Nike Dunks

We stay in the US and go over to the basketballs of the NBA. The style of basketballists works anyway like from another league. Outfits of the players, shoes and merchandise have a particularly high priority here. So also the sneakers. They are inseparable from the sports.

It seems like the shoe manufacturer Nike in the NBA stars prevail. The Small Forward of Los Angeles Lakers, Lebron James, likes to wear the Nike Dunk Low Sp ‘Kentucky’ in his free time.

A similar direction strikes Markeff Morris of Miami Heat. He carries before and after playing, among others, Nike SB Dunk Low ‘Court Purple’. In contrast to the adidas superstars, we move here in a price segment of over 200 euros.

Nike arrived in European football

Not only basketball players carry the sneakers of the American sportss goods manufacturer, but also the footballers in Europe. Input we have already mentioned that Cristiano Ronaldo has already worked together with Nike. Of course, he then carries the sneakers of the brand. His choice often falls on Jordan.

It looks similar with the German international and Bayern Munich Star, Leroy Sané and also the Paris Soccer Star Kylian Mbappé wears Nike.
However, the latter carries instead of Jordan Nike Air Force 1, which are relatively favorable.


A very big winner at the sportsstar sneakers is probably Nike.
They are probably among the most popular everyday garments of the professional athletes.
But the German sportss shoe manufacturer Adidas is also represented.
In addition, there is certainly many more sneakers, which are also regularly worn by the stars of the sports.