Flick PK interrupted: Now you call on …

The 57-year-old praised on the podium in the press conferencing room just over Thomas Müller and his role as an extended arm, when he briefly interrupted, staring at his cellphone and betrayed with a smile: “Now the Joshua Kimmich is calling on…”

For days, the midfield link, whose wife and flick was waiting for the birth of the third child, made his openness in dealing with the caller for amusement. Not for illumination. Of course, during the press conference, Flick did not take the call, the question of a short-term journey of the player for Tuesday but is unnecessary. After making the callback, the coach explained that there continues to announce nothing.

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Startelf warranty for new and rüdiger – announcements to Werner and Schlotterbeck

On the other hand, Flick has determined that at least two Routinians in Amsterdam will be part of the Startelf, which had paused in the 2-0 against Israel: Manuel new and Antonio Rüdiger. An option is also that Youngster Jamal Musiala after the test run from Saturday now also receives a probationary sample on the double sight against a top opponent. “Jamal is a player who reclaims. It’s a consideration to let him play against Israel on the six and time in the second half.”

Just as clearly flick also outlines what he expects from his own. In Amsterdam and weeks and months afterwards. It was conspicuous in the days of Frankfurt was noticeable in the days of Frankfurt. And he makes it clear that he not only formulates his demands publicly, and that it is his kind to sharpen the senses in the World Cup year. “The embassies can interpret everyone exactly. These are things that I say not only outwards, but also inwards.”

With sharpened senses, this first hardening test should be addressed, although potential family forces are still missing. Flick strokes out that he is less concerned with the continuation of his series as national coach (eight games, eight victories) than rather about the development of the team. “The series interests me less now. If we can say at the end of December, we won the last eight games, then that would be different, then everyone knows what it is said. Now this series is past.” Nevertheless, she should exist as possible after the final whistle in the prestige duel. Because: “Every victory helps us in our development, every victory gives us trust.” And that’s exactly what he wants to strengthen, even with another clear message: “We want to put the opponent under pressure to raise our own game. We must have the right to win this game.”