Three strikers make it exciting

Martin Harnik is one of the most prominent names, which amateur football germany currently has in the squad. But Harnik is none of those ex-professionals who only carry their somewhat tired bones across the place, the 34-year-old leads his league sovereign with the fifth-class Tus Dassendorf from Hamburg – and is also promising in the race for the “Torjägerkanone for All “, which is awarded throughout Germany to the best shooters of each league level. Besides Harnik, Marcel Platzek (1 FC Bocholt, Lower Rhine) and Ramien Safi (Brinkumer SV, Bremen) have realistic opportunities on the coveted trophy.

It is not that you needed Harnik necessary at the Tus Dassendorf. You have achieved your goals without the ex-pro-pro. The TuS is the measure of things in the Oberliga Hamburg, as a permanent master thatendorf does not give rise to the rise anyway. Regionalliga is not needed here in the east of Hamburg. It’s about fun in the game and with the team, stressed Harnik recently, but such a single award as the scorer cannon, said the 68-color national player in Austria, that would be like the cherry on the cream pie. Currently he stands in his first complete Oberliga season at 29 goals from 20 games.

Who laughs last? The Bocholter Routinian Marcel Platzek (left) and the Brinkumer Youngster Ramien Safi. Picture Alliance / DPA / Revierfoto, Circular newspaper Syke

Currently, two actors seriously seriously have something that Harnik gets his cherry. 22 years is Ramien Safi Jung, the Bremen Oberligist Brinkumer SV is already his third station in the men’s area – but the first one in which he really snaps. “I had talent, but the goal shooting was missing. I was not so ripped in the last third,” says Safi, who is more likely to be a striker as a striker.

“Many describe me as fast, sometimes too fast,” he says laughing “but that I’ve made many games in my gentlemen early, I was well received in my development. In Brinkum, it has just been fitted with the team.” The result: 30 goals in 24 games already achieved the Safi born in Groningen this season. “I’ve already guessed that I could do many goals this season,” he says, “but it explodes, I did not expect.”

Third in three-tabled and up-to-rank 1 is still the born in Moers Marcel Platzek , which represents a little the world in between. The 31-year-old was a constant face of the Regionalliga West for many years, stands after stations at Borussia Mönchengladbach II and, above all, red-white food in the eternal scorer list of the Staffel West with 85 hits rank 4.

Last summer, it took him to the 1st FC Bocholt in the Oberliga Niederrhein, where he is on it and turn to break the goalkeeper record of the league in his first season. He has 31 goals after 20 games in his account. Thus, he has set up the season’s ordinary, Marvin Ellmann in the 2017/18 season in the dress of the ETB black-and-white food, after his two hits at the weekend at the 3-0 against the SC Düsseldorf-West, already set.

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“I am very pleased that it is so good for me. It is important for a striker that he plays,” says Platzek, who had previously found himself at red-white food too often on the bank. But he too refers to the team performance of his Bocholters, who are well in the ascent race with Tableplace 2: “I quite know which colleagues play around me. If you have self-confidence, you may even shoot more on the goal. But I’m fine Thus driven to set a brand to me, so you only put yourself under pressure. “

The remote duel around the cannon wants to hang space, consequently. “I’ve sent the ranking a couple of times and threw a look at it already,” he says only, but is looking forward to how he hears that competitor Harnik in the residual season will not complete as many games (seven) like He himself (eleven). Because Meanwhile Ramien Safi in the Bremen league has nine games before the chest, the favorite role is probably at Platzek.

The cannon would like that, as well as of course Safi, but also emphasizes, but not under pressure: “My environment, friends and family talk more about it. But it would be an honor if you get something like that Just because they are also players like Harnik in the race, “he says. He has already been present, so the 22-year-old, “but I have not decided yet, as it continues. My full focus is on this season”. In the league, his Brinkumer SV is trying to keep the gap small to the leading Bremer SV. You are still in the cup.

MARCEL Platzek wants – unlike Harnik with Dassendorf – especially one: with the 1st FC Bocholt ascend into the regional league.
His contract also applies to the coming season, in which he plans to continue to increase a considerable regional league account anyway for the West Münster countries, which is currently making efforts to provide themselves sustainable.
An amateur football ritual is still on this season: a graduation trip to Mallorca.
And on the, Marcel Platzek recently revealed in an interview, he would prefer to take the goalkeeper cannon.