Thiune: Do not want to look at other places

Preparing for the important game on Saturday could run better for the Düsseldorf. Thioun are missing a “couple options. Daniel Ginczek, Adam Bodzek and Jakub Piotrowski could not train everyone with the team.” But past week, the Fortuna was already unimpressed by the personnel problems and swept Rostock 3-0 from the field.

Rostock, Germany. Travel Guide for Cruisers from Doris Visits

An early gate and a convincing victory as in Rostock would conceivably bring Düsseldorf to the 40-point brand after the game against Hanover. Thiome stressed that “we want to achieve our goals and read the table. We want to stay reliable and do not have to look at other places.” Thus, the current table thirteenth would make a tremendous leap towards league and after a possible victory 39 counter on the account. That would give the Düsseldorfors relatively quiet last week.

The 47-year-old has “a few points to make clarity”, called a target in the final spurt. The first step could make Dusseldorf against 96 with a away win – “The last one is already a few days ago”. Under Thiome, Dusseldorf namely, from a foreign backdrop, Düsseldorf never came beyond a draw, the last move victory, the Rheinlander drove in December. At that time, the final score was 3: 1 against the SV Darmstadt 98. Footfood of the game against Hanover is on Saturday at 13.30 (Live! At Daniel Ginczek).