2. League: Ex-HSV President Hunke expects with club management and investor Kühne

The former HSV President Jürgen Hunke criticized the current club tour and investor Klaus-Michael Kühne sharply. The reds are expected to miss the rise in the Bundesliga this season.

Hamburgs neue Perle: So prunkvoll ist der Palast von HSV-Investor Kühne | SPORT1

“The problems with the HSV arise in the lead, it does not mean the fish is” the fish stinks from the head ‘. It will not be made from above the decisions that are important to the club, “Hunke scolded at Sport1. “At HSV, everything is only dulled and ripped off.”

He does not seem a guilt at coach Tim Walter and sports council Jonas Boldt: “Boldt and Walter are innocent. These two gentlemen I would take out from criticism now,” Hunke explained. “When Kühne came into play in 2010, all the problems started.”

The problems he sees at the investor: “He’s certainly a decent person, but he has no idea of football. And he does not know that passion and enthusiasm are important in this sport.” Kuehne “is behind everything and now leaves the work for which one does not necessarily get applause, others do. And these people do with all tricks,” Hunke said. “He always wanted to have a consideration for his financial help. I predicted that it will end angry with him and unfortunately I have to keep right.”

An example can take up the HSV on “Freiburg, Bochum, Augsburg or – that will not like any HSVER – St. Pauli. We had values at HSV, but they have been lost.”

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The Solution for Hunke: “The HSV must find a different structure. You have to find a clean statute and strengthen the rights of the members again. You have to be taken seriously again. But these people are unfortunately only manipulated at the HSV.”