Five-year rating: Frankfurt and Leipzig rescue BL

England disarrows the other football nations with great steps and gained 1,715 points in quarter-final returns of the three European competitions.
However, the second most consequent league provided Germany, which achieved 1,000 points despite the leaving of Bayern Munich in the Champions League.
The draw of Bayern yielded a counter, the victories of Frankfurt and Leipzig each two.
There were also two bonus counters for achieving the semi-final.
Spain had to settle with 0.572 points, Italy with only 0.430.

2022/23: Bundesliga displaces series A from 3rd place

The Bundesliga will in the coming season Italy in any case of third-party squads, since Germany loses only 9.857 points from 2017/18, it Italy but 17,333.

The UEFA five-year rating according to the quarterfinal games of the Champions, Europe and Conference League is decisive for the awarding of the starting places in the season 2023/24.

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The five-year rating at a glance