Schalkes happy financial customer

“He looks like the little brother of Leroy Sané”: According to Mike Büsken, Rodrigo Zalazar expressed this guess when the midfielder saw the professionals unknown during this week, the most unknown training participants. And Zalazar lay very well: in the young man with the striking hair interlaught, it actually acted for the younger brother of the Bayern professionals.

Clear that the professional training presence of Sidi Sané is currently attracting special attention to Schalke. Before the game in Darmstadt on Easter Sunday (13.30, live! At Zalazar lay) Trainers Büskens now explained the background. Accordingly, in consultation with U-19 coach Norbert Elgert, “decided to give Sidi the opportunity to snoop with us”. The 18-year-old has a “exciting profile,” says Büskens: “He’s physically what’s with, is good in one-to-one and has a high pace.”

The brother of Ex-S04-Star Leroy Sané, which was changed in 2016 for the still undisputed S04 record sales of around 50 million euros to Manchester City, should only be coregated and not right in the professional field (at least not already against Darmstadt), but he is a “prime example of that at some point the opportunity to show himself when you work hard for it,” says sport director Rouven Schröder.

Turbo's als bescherming van je portefeuille

Also in the current squad come several players who once belonged to the royal blue substructure (including the U 23) and are now firmly counted to the professional staff. Malick Thiaw, Florian Flick, Blendi Idrizi, Henning Matriciani, Kerim Calhanoglu and Mehmet Aydin are all for the game in Darmstadt Startelf candidates.

From this sextet, Thiaw has a look at Sunday the highest pet opportunities, but also Calhanoglu could be called again as a left-back to the initial formation, as Thomas Ouwejan is probably back available after Easter for “stubborn calf problems” (Büskens). On the right defensive side, Büskens new alternatives are offered: Aydin and Andreas Vindheim are after prolonged injury pauses squad candidates, where Matriciani could give preference. “Henning has done well against Heidenheim and deserves our absolute trust,” says Büskens.

Bond brings Schalke over 30 million euros

With a victory in Darmstadt, Schalke would make the next big move towards the rise, meanwhile, the financially severely struck club is looking forward to an unexpected amount of money. A new corporate bond, which the association has placed on the capital market, brought 31.6 million euros. That announced Schalke on Thursday. The number exceeds the expectations by more than twice. “The extremely successful issue of the bond shows how much our fans, members and investors want to shape the turned away,” says Financial Chef Christina Rühl-Hamers.

The bond 2022/2027 is mainly used for premature refinancing of the 2016/2023 bond due in the summer of 2023. In the other cadre conversion the money does not flow. “We have planned our budgets diligently,” says Schröder, who must also have a special eye for players as a Schalke sport director, which has no special eye for players who cost. Players like Sidi Sané.