FC Bayern: Kahn confirms thought games around BVB

Oliver Kahn, CEO of FC Bayern, was a guest in the “double pass” of “Oliver Kahn1”. In addition to the bitter Champions League from Villarreal, the negotiations with Robert Lewandowski and thought games with BVB striker Erling Haaland were also a topic.

“We would not meet our job if we did not deal with a young striker,” Kahn acknowledged. Haaland is also “a very excellent striker, even for the future is the highest-sintered player.”

A package of transfer and salary at the 21-year-old Norwegian is “very, very far away from what we imagine,” Kahn said. “These are financial dimensions that are out of our idea.”

Kahn also expressed itself in the program for the future of Robert Lewandowski. Although the board of directors reaffirmed on Easter Sunday, that Lewandowski “was today a contract for the next season”. But according to Kahn, “the situation of the player” had to be seen, who had reached everything at FC Bayern and therefore “thoughts about the future” make, Kahn said.

“It then takes longer to convince a player. And the financial plays a role as well,” Supplemented Kahn. The association is in exchange with Lewandowski: “We want him to stay with FC Bayern as long as possible,” reaffirm the former world-class goalkeeper.

The main statements of Kahn at a glance:

+++ Kahn says goodbye +++

The Chief Executive Board of the record champion is now on the way to the away game at Arminia Bielefeld.

+++ Kahn about the criticism of his person +++

“I am the last one, which is particularly sensitive when criticism comes up. She only has to have substance. For me it is crucial to have a way in mind and communicate this too. What do we have to pay attention to everything? These are the decisive questions for me. Not any reports based on half-truths or substanceless stuff. “

+++ Kahn over the planning in the internal defense +++

“Why should not be enough to pull Pavard in the middle in the coming season? This is of course an option. Nianzou develops well, Hernández plays a great season and upamecano also develops a piece of piece. Your skin always the players In the ton. There are so many players to believe. Pavard makes his thing on the right side well, but can also be a top central defender. “

+++ Kahn does not want to talk about new arrivals +++

“I do not do public cadre planning here. We look at all positions. FC Bayern will always have a squad with 14, 15 absolute top players with which we can win the CL. We have to be creative at the width. It is a very creative Complex topic. In the end it’s about people. How are we going around with these? That’s why it’s about the respect for other teams. It is not talking about players who are under contract with other clubs. “

+++ Kahn over the transfer policy +++

“Do you think that there was never transfer flops at FC Bayern before? There were also good things, such as the contract extensions with Coman, Kimmich and Goretzka, the pillars of the club are. There are always things in the position of Brazzo do not work. shows me some Oliver Kahns director in the world, in which everything always works. I know there no. “

+++ Kahn about the role of Salihamidzic +++

“His role is more than clear. What I have described is very important to me. Everyone should know what he needs to do. However, it is not rigid. That’s why the communication is so important to me. We are in a permanent Exchange. The cooperation with Brazzo and Neppe is good. “

+++ Kahn over the allegation to hide publicly +++

“The quality of my work has little to do with volume. It’s not about ever producing headlines. It is a lot of work that you can internally. The Oliver Kahns policy aspects, for example. The core is the Oliver Kahning area. I have there A good feeling developed when I’m public position. This can be left very well to me. I am a very reflected person. You have to develop a feeling and now a few weeks, months have passed. “

+++ Kahn expresses itself to the Rummenigge criticism that everyone should focus on his role +++

Robert Lewandowski and Bayern Munich hold talks over striker's future
“I honestly have not understood that today. What is that supposed to mean that Nagelsmann is responsible for everything? He has to sit in English twice in front of the press. He then asks many things. Then with negotiations and internal work to compare, it is complete mumpitz. “

+++ Kahn over its much quieter performances compared to its player’s time +++

“There’s a lot of titanium in me. It expresses itself differently today. I would design my job similarly, as at that time in the square, it would provide for understanding.”

+++ Kahn about the comparisons to Hoeneß, who was considered a father figure +++

“My doors in the office are always open. Hoeneß was Hoeneß, Rummenigge was Rummenigge and I’ll take things like that right for you. Hoeneß regularly comes to the office and I guessed him, I told me too Quietly further can give his advice. Everyone should have clear tasks. It should constantly dominate communication. “

+++ murder threats against Nagelsmann +++

“We know all when there are such defeats at FC Bayern. You have to push away the criticism. This is part of Bayern. Here, however, it was exceeded here because of social media, boundaries, far exceeded. What’s up in humans Send the people from anonymity to man murder threats? There is nothing to be up to that. We will be thought to worry about whether you can do a bar or must. “

+++ Kahn about the character of the team +++

“It’s, of course, that you have to develop a feeling in the square when you have to take a result. But that is not the character of this team. This was not the case in recent years under Flick. She has Also believed in the last few minutes to the Lucky Punch. “

+++ Kahn over the Villarreal game +++

“It’s interesting as a game is evaluated in the retro perspective. Müller has missed the 2-0 and would like that, I’m sure there is nothing more happening. I do not want to justify anything or schön speech because FC Bayern moved to Villarreal. But I rarely saw a team in international football, which defends so excellently with two deep four-circles. Of course, you need creativity, but also a good counterupy. You have to be patient in the first half Return greater not mandatory enough. “

+++ Bavaria was surprised by Villarreal +++

“The quarter-finals against Villarreal we have omitted it in the first leg. We were surprised by the quality of the opponent and did not have the right attitude, as they played out behind, that was from the very finest. They have previously swept from the stadium. Normally one should assume that this team is not underestimated. “

+++ Kahn takes pressure from Nagelsmann +++

“You have to look at the second half. Against Gladbach we had eleven Corona-infected and have occurred with a D-ELF. Permanently important players were not available. There were some things that Nagelsmann would manage. If you realize it, something has to be analyzed become. We have to look like we are optimal. “

+++ Kahn over the width in the squad +++

“I appreciate David Alaba, too, too. This also applies to Boateng. Of course we lost two big players, but the large number of goals in the last season were a problem. We have become more stable and flexible. The team has become great Show games this season and can get top performances. A width in the squad, as it is the case with English top clubs, where 80 million approaches sit on the bench, we can not afford. In some obligations you have more and time less luck. “

+++ Nagelsmann-Intermediate Facit +++

“That he had not delivered, I can not sign so. A CL victory is not planable, there are too many unpredictable factors. If you look at the numbers, he has reached a lot. Last season we had ten goals more at the same time but have already similar many goals, as achieved at the end of last season. “

+++ Kahn over Nagelsmann +++

“With the transfer fee we underlined that we are convinced of him and his work. He knows what is important to us. One can see that he can develop players. Not only musical, but also the performance increase of Sané. We want something like that See and that he also translates. He should strengthen the junior area. He is a young coach and we wanted that too. That there is also setbacks, as against Villarreal, is part of the way we go with full conviction “

+++ Kahn over the squad talks with Nagelsmann +++

“For me it is very important to discuss with Salihamidzic and Nagelsmann together. What does the coach see the team? Which players would like to reinforce the team? That must be a permanent exchange. That’s not different and is my idea As well as philosophy. Brazzo, the Supervisory Board and I are ultimately responsible, but that the coach is involved, but it sees itself. “

+++ Disturb the contractuals? +++

“Nein, das sehe ich überhaupt nicht so. Das gab es beim FC Bayern schon immer und die Diskussionen können für Reibungen sorgen, die nicht schlecht sein müssen. Ein bisschen Unruhe ist für das Betriebsklima gar nicht mal so schlecht. Aber die Spieler sind professionell genug, um sich davon nicht beeindrucken zu lassen. So ist der FC Bayern und so war er auch immer schon. Damit kommen die Spieler problemlos zurecht.”

+++ Kahn über den Stand bei Gnabry +++

“Auch da sind wir im Austausch. Gnabry weiß, was wir als Verein von ihm verlangen. Er ist einem Prozess des Nachdenkens. Sobald die Dinge dann Stück für Stück klarer sind, werden wir es vermelden.”

+++ Kahn über den Nasenring-Spruch und Updates zu Müller und Neuer +++

“Da wäre ich mal ganz, ganz vorsichtig. Wann der FC Bayern mit wem Vertragsgespräche führt, entscheiden wir. Wir wissen ganz genau, was wir dem Spieler zu verdanken haben. Es geht um einen respektvollen Umgang und wir lassen uns da nicht unter Druck setzen. Ob das Müller, Neuer oder andere Spieler sind. Bei Müller bin ich sehr, sehr zuversichtlich, dass wir da relativ kurzfristig was dazu sagen können. Auch bei Neuer sind wir in einem guten Austausch. Wir lassen uns aber nicht unter Druck setzen.”

+++ Kahn über den Lewy-Berater +++

“Was heißt denn, dass wir uns vom Berater am Nasenring durch die Manege ziehen lassen? Wo kommt denn diese Information her? Ich kann mir natürlich gut vorstellen, dass ihr mit Lewandowskis Berater redet.”

+++ Lewandowski zu alt für eine Verlängerung? +++

“Wir machen uns viele Gedanken und natürlich auch über sein Alter. Deshalb dauert das alles ein wenig länger.”

+++ Kahn fragt Kerry Hau nach Quellen +++

Der Journalist sagt, dass Lewandowski nicht als Teamplayer gelte. Dies habe er aus Spieler- und Trainerkreise gehört. Kahn hakt nach und ist offensichtlich nicht damit einverstanden. “Ich frag mich immer, woher diese Informationen kommen sollen. Wenn ich das schon höre. ‘Aus Mannschaftskreisen’. Zeigen Sie mir doch einen Spieler, der unzufrieden ist und trotzdem so viele Tore erzielt.”

+++ Kahn über Lewandowski +++

“Stand heute, hat Robert einen Vertrag und auch noch für die nächste Saison. Wir sind im Moment im Austausch mit ihm. Wir wollen, dass er möglichst lang beim FC Bayern bleibt. Manche glauben, dass es bei Verhandlungen wie bei Online-Managerspielen ist. Man muss auch die Situation aus der Sicht der Spieler sehen. Spieler, die beim FC Bayern seit vielen, vielen Jahren seine Leistung bringt und bei uns zum Weltfußballer geworden ist. Er hat das Potenzial jede Saison über 30 Tore zu machen. Natürlich kommt er dann auch auf Gedanken, den Verein zu verlassen, weil er denkt, dass er hier alles erreicht hätte. Ganz nebenbei geht es auch um finanzielle Dinge. Wir haben zwei ganz schwierige Jahre beim FC Bayern hinter uns. Auch wir haben unter der Pandemie gelitten. Das ist dann natürlich auch ein Thema.”

+++ Kahn denies Schönfärbei +++

“I do not know exactly where you have your information. I did not know where I would have dyed a little bit. I am the first one who is still pissing properly that we are excreted against Villarreal. It makes no sense to join in Jammal Valley to go. I’m looking forward to seeing it soon. If I already hear that. ‘You are already master’. We do not let us be lulled. Of course I was deeply disappointed. “We have to show a defiance reaction.”

+++ Kahn confirms thought games with Haaland +++

“I think we would not live up to our job if we did not deal with a young striker. He also showed the achievements. At the BVB he is an excellent striker. Also for the future is a highly interesting player. But These are financial dimensions that are outside of our ideas. “

+++ Kahn over Haaland +++

“Es wird ja immer vom ‘Haaland-Paket’ gesprochen. Matthias Sammer hat das richtig gesagt: Da wird es einem schwindlig. Das sind schon Bereiche, die sehr, sehr weit weg sind von dem, was wir uns vorstellen.”

+++ Kahn over the upcoming game against BVB +++

“We can not lose the game. In football everything can happen. We saw it on Tuesday, how cruel the football can be. We are not German champions. We today have an extremely important game in Bielefeld. Let’s see how then the starting position next week is. “

+++ Are there tailles from Kahn today? +++

“That depends on you,” Kahn replies the moderator.

+++ broadcast goes +++

Brückner welcomes the viewers in front of the TV and welcomes Kahn.

+++ Prominent guest list +++

In addition to Oliver Kahn take two more well-known ex-professionals with Stefan Effenberg and Guido Buchwald part of today’s “double pass”. In addition, the following journalists discuss in the round:

  • Jörg Althoff (“Image”)
  • Alexandra Gross (“Berliner Morgenpost”)
  • Kerry Hau (“Oliver Kahn1”)

+++ excitement before the program +++

Shortly before the beginning of today’s “double pass”. Send. Oliver Kahn1 restlessness. The reason: Moderator Florian King falls out because of a positive coronate test. As a replacement, Rudi jumps Brückner.

King had taken the successor of Thomas Helmer in the summer, who had given his job at his own request.

+++ Oliver Kahn wants to blam the FC Bayern “Conclusions” conclusions “+++

After the 1: 1 against Villarreal, Kahn has already turned up to speak Via Twitter. “A very bitter and disappointing evening for us and all fans! Our players have thrown everything in and always believed in the progress. We did not lose this duel in Munich. Nevertheless, we have excreted the CL for the second time in a row in the quarterfinals of the Cl he wrote.

The 52-year-old continues: “That’s why it is said to draw the right conclusions from putting the course for the upcoming season. Now it is important to focus the full concentration on the championship. Congratulations to Villarreal!”

+++ Bayern Boss speaks Kahn and Salihamidzic trust +++

Bayern Munich’s President Herbert Hainer expects a defiance of the team in the premier class.

“I am convinced that our ambitious players will not be able to sit on themselves. This will start them for the upcoming Champions League season. They want more, want to write history here,” said Hainer the “picture”.