FC Schalke 04 hopes for money: Poker opened by Amine Harit

Amine Harit is still awarded until the end of the FC Schalke 04 at Olympique Marseille. But in the squad of scarce the midfielder should not return, but rather one hopes in Gelsenkirchen on a rich transfer. Now, two top clubs in the poker are apparently rising around the Moroccan.

As the portal “FussballTransfers.com” reports, the two Spanish clubs FC Seville and FC Villarreal interested in Harit. Accordingly, the clubs see great potential in the 24-year-old.

Schalke had committed Harit in the summer of 2017 for eight million euros from FC Nantes. In a resale, the officers of the royal blue promise a transfer in a similar magnitude, so the portal. Harits contract on Schalke is still dated until 2024.

Schalke 04's Amine Harit:

Harit last attentively made with strong services in Ligue 1. After it did not ran at all in his first months of Olympique Marseille, Harit is now one of the protagonists in Om and on the best way, with the team the French vice championship and thus the direct champion league qualification.

beats OM at Harit?

Marseille coach Jorge Sampaoli can even imagine working beyond the summer with Harit. “He has become a very important player for us and will be in every game of the final track,” said the Argentine head coach and supplemented: “I’m not surprised by Harits Level. We had hoped. When he started with us He a player who often came into trouble in the game. He has developed footballery. “

Marseille has no purchase option for Harit, would have to renegotiate a possible transfer fee for the Midfielmann with the Schalke.

In the jersey of the FC Schalke Harit had denied 102 Bundesliga games until the last year, where he scored twelve goals.