The club is very stable

A few weeks after the duel, the remote change was decided, after the rise with the game association, room settled in the Kraichgau. On Sunday (5.30 pm, live! At room settled) the old colleagues come back to Sinsheim. Just on this weekend, purely mathematically the removal of the game association could be temporarily sealed prematurely. “That was not so conscious to me, but I do not think of such things,” says room, “we want to win on Sunday and find back to the track track.” There is no room for sentimentalities.

At most drum. “I have contact with some players, but the topics are other than a possible descent,” the 23-year-old, who was born in Nuremberg, had been trained in Fürth as a footballer, “of course, friendships have developed. For his birthday, I got news from the coach and the sports director. The exchange on Sunday will be very warm and friendly. “

Does the TSG from the “Lauerstell” make pressure again?

This time, however, there is no evil surprise for the hosts to maintain opportunities for fourth European Cup participation after three defeats as a result. “We want to retract the next three points on Sunday, and as the past has shown when we start to score, we come back in a run,” hopes room, “we are a table sighteast in a good starting position, it’s a beautiful Laiser position. From there we want to attack now. “

The Story of Vorwärts the club of the East German Army

To give this due to this room to this room to the due date. Quickly, the left foot has also developed at the TSG to an absolute service provider and even the national player. “It was never quite caught, one should evolve every season and gain new skills,” says room, “strengthen strengths and work on the weaknesses. That’s what I’m going on, every season like every workout.” His contract was already renewed again after his first half of the year (until 2026) and the remuneration adapted to his status.

Room emotions “make him a bit out”

As a further education, he also assigns the circumstances of his youth barrier, which he unnecessarily retailed in the recent home game against Bochum with many discussions with the referee. “The thing is through, I have settled my lock, I will learn from it and try to become a little quieter on one or the other place and focus on my game,” promises room, “but I will not be the emotion now Remake, because I think that makes me a bit far out. “

So he made the retraining from the attacker to the left-back and the outer railway player and made the ascent in and with Fürth. In order to the future of the designated relegated space does not provide. “No, the club is very stable,” he is convinced, “Fürth has always managed to catch himself after bad phases, there is also a good club structure behind it, because I do not worry about my old club. If it is Again, go back to the 2nd league, I definitely press the thumbs that it goes up again. “