Bremens Werner: Who can better process disappointment?

Monchengladbach battles to disappointing 0-0 draw vs. Werder Bremen | 2020 Bundesliga Highlights
Six points could make the Bundesliga co-seekers of the preseason in the three past lots on walls. Through a winning streak, which now even five game lasts, Schalke moved past the table a week ago, is now with two points lead first. On Saturday (13.30 clock) it comes in Gelsenkirchen so too Dem top game of the 2nd league. And at Werder, at least the reconquest of the spreadsheet is planned.

Werder wants “Clear on Schalke’s points”

“We will win the game,” Marco Friedl was only a few moments after the 1: 1 against the 1st FC Nuremberg on the microphone, which Werder’s stadium spokesman had pressed him in front of the Bremer Fankurve. Also Leonardo Bewtcourt emphasized, after the next 1: 1 draw “on Schalke points clearly available”. With the point yield from the games against Sandhausen, the FC St. Pauli and just Nuremberg you are at Werder namely anything but satisfied. “If you see the gameplay, we can win all three games,” says asking courage, “and that just does not happen. It hurts a bit. But we still have a good starting position.”

Werder remains table second, because the competition – except for Schalke – could not post a victory on this 30th matchday. The Nuremberg were held by the draw in direct duel at a distance (four points difference), St. Pauli had to settle with a remis by a last minute goal, and Darmstadt was the only loser (against Schalke) with at least one point in the fall.

Werner: “Everyone had to accept setbacks”

“If I look at the climbing race as a whole, just as well as all teams had to accept a certain setback this week – except Schalke”, Ole Werner, and “crucial in this seasonal phase” is now how the teams deal with it: “So Who can handle it better, who can better process disappointment? ” After the relevant topics of the Nuremberg Party will be worked up, but you do not want to stay in Bremen too long: “It’s about that we have the next game in six days,” said Werner still on Sunday, “insofar The view goes forward, from now on. “

on Schalke: Increased

On the FC Schalke 04, with which Bremen’s trainer until now has been “not too much”, against which he “especially before the audience” but “a special game against a team that has a very high individual quality” awaited “. And in order to be in question on Saturday for the three points in question, “we have to be at the absolute performance limit,” asks Werner. Against Nuremberg his team was not that – “insofar we will have to increase ourselves”.