Support wants to be with ice hockey

“I have always said: For me it is a great honor to play for Germany. If given me the opportunity, I will definitely be there,” said the highly talented 20-year-old from the Ottawa Senators in the interview with Sky Sports.

“Of course, one hopes that no injury is coming between. Now I’m concentrating on the rest of the season here and then you will see what happens. But as I said: I would have mega fancy the boys.” The packed Olympic winter games in Beijing, where NHL players were missing as he and Superstar Leon Draisaitl, be “past, we will now resume again”.

Meanwhile power carrier

Support can no longer move into play-offs with his club around the Stanley Cup. It is his second season in the best ice hockey league in the world, where he has received good achievements. “In the beginning I did not hit much and not much spotted. But now it was always better, it’s a lot of fun to play,” he said.


He now sees himself as a service provider: “I think so. I play a lot, get a lot of ice age in all situations.” Germany is still far behind other nations. “But I think that German ice hockey and training will grow better and better. It’s fun to represent in NHL Germany,” Supft said.