Westbrook occurs against bird: do not know what his problem was

Russell Westbrook On Frank Vogel:
After a miserable season with missed play-offs, the Lakers from Coach Frank Vogel separated. At least we go to Westbrook, that was not necessarily a wrong decision. “I think it’s unhappy to be honest, because I never had problems with any coach before,” said the number 0 of the Lakers and then stepped against his ex-coach: “I do not know what his problem with me Was or why we could never build a bond. “

In the summer Westbrook came from Washington to Los Angeles and should form a new Big Three together with LeBron James and Anthony Davis. But it never happened. Of course, this was due to the injuries of “ad” and the “king”, because so they could not play. On the other hand, the truth belongs that Westbrook could not build on his achievements of recent years and played a weak season.

All in all, that led to the failure and even the Super Gau, because of course the achievement of the play-offs was certainly settled. When it goes to Westbrook, he never really got a chance at the Franchise from California. “When I came here in the summer, I did not really get the opportunities to do what I am able to do for a team or organization. There was no fair chance,” said the 33-year-old.

Rumors Nerves Westbrook

Also, Westbrook cleared up with stories, which there was always over him. “The famous stories that came from any ‘sources’, be it about my relationship with the staff, or to Frank, or the fans – they are all created and just not true,” “Russ” said. “I had to fight constantly.”

On demand, to call such a story in detail, the listening player did not want to say anything. “No, I can not. You know the examples. I do not want to disclose any details that story or who wrote why she wrote, that’s pointless. It does not matter, because it’s just not true.”

Playing option of 47 million

Does not matter anyway as if the relationship between Westbrook and the Lakers are still a love relationship. As continues, is largely in the hands of the game, because number 0 has a player option for the coming season of $ 47 million. Strongly imaginable that on the free market, a club pays so much for the build-up player. “I’ll make a decision, that’s why it says playing option,” Westbrook does not want to look into the cards yet.