Eintracht Frankfurt: Horrhardly beating

THAT IS NOT HOW IT WORKS! After the magical Europa League Triumph of Eintracht in Barcelona, it has come to ugly violence scenes on the streets of the Catalan metropolis. Prominent beating victim: Martin Fenin. Frustrated Barca fans struck and jerked wildly on the former Frankfurt striker and his wife.

A video posted the 35-year-old Czech at Instagram and Twitter. He wrote: “After the game, my wife and I were beaten.” Then they hung 36 hours with the police. “Without help, without food, without drinking, madness,” Writing Fenin.

And that just before his birthday

The former crowd pleaser of Eintracht (2008 to 2011) was piloted on Thursday like 30,000 other Frankfurt fans with his wife to Barcelona to cheer his ex-club. But the Catalan metropolisy evening evening ended gloomy. There are several Spanish fans over Fenin on the street. But sometime he manages to get up and go on.

Not only the evening, even his birthday two days later he is likely to keep in painful memory.

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