Old lady ice cold: Inter meets in the cupfinals on Juve

Florence was striking after the 0: 1 pulp leap in its own stadium – and so the Viola began too. The guests showed themselves in the initial minutes of snappy and dominant, Juve was not yet in the game. The AC besieged the opposing penalty area, but without a significant possibility to work out.

Juventus 2-0 Fiorentina | Juventus Will Meet Inter in the Coppa Final! | Coppa Italia 2021/22

Vlahovic swirls, Bernardeschi ice cold

So the old lady made for the first noteworthy offensive actions: Especially after counterattacks Juve became dangerous, Vlahovic failed several times from promising positions to Dragowski (13th, 29th). After the good start, the game control of the guests fell together, Florence was far too passive.

This was punished promptly: After a fall of Morata, the previously safe Dragowski gave himself and dived under the ball. Although Biraghi was on the second post on the spot, but the defender clarified exactly the chest of Bernardeschi. He did not ask twice and completed dry with the second contact in the left corner (32.).

In the episode, the guests began again and were dangerous until the halftime whistle. The best way to gave Cabral, whose degree was too central after a strong individual action (41.). So it went with the 1-0 in the cabins.

JUVE Rear Valley

The leadership played the record champion, especially after the break of course in the maps: Juve and stood on the back solid, the Fiorentina bite on the solid defensive the teeth. Only standards were dangerous: a header of Martinez was able to scratch perin from the line (51.), a direct free-kick of Biraghi hissed only centimeters past the right post (67.).

On the other side, the old lady was much closer to a second hit. A good conclusion of Zakaria from a pointed angle shook only the aluminum (56.), a few minutes later, the ball even fattened on the net: After a flank of Bernardeschi, Rabiot preserved the rest and pushed the ball into the gate, but pushed the ball The hit did not count due to a distance position (71.).

Danilo makes the lid on it

In the final minutes, the viola threw everything forward, Juventus defended but to ripply. Shortly before the end, Turin even sat down on it: After a beautiful single action of Cuadrado, the Colombian put the ball into the back space, Danilo only had to push into the 2-0 (90. + 4). Thus, the old lady stands in the cupfinale of Coppa Italia and meets Inter Milan on May 11th.