Lieberknecht praises Hollands incredible lap

It was only after the final whistle Lieberknecht was allowed to enter the lawn at the Millerntor, that he finally had to look at his team’s 2-1 win due to a yellow lock from the stands. There he “had to negotiate one or the other verbal fight” with opposing fans, but after the game, however, cleared everything in a sporting way by hand shake. “Nice atmosphere up there,” praised the 48-year-old at the microphone of “Sky” and added: “But I don’t need it again.”

“Important to know that the second post is often orphaned”

The appearance with assistant coach Ovid Hajou was quite successful as a representation on the sidelines. “Our plan in the first half went well,” said Lieberknecht and went into detail: “It was important for us to know that the second post is often orphaned with the St. Paulians. When you see the first goal, there, there we were able to take advantage of that “. The lilies took the lead after just eight minutes after Kempe and goal scorer Pfeiffer stood at the five -meter room on a flank from Tietz Blank.

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Although the Hamburgers subsequently took over the game control, the second goal of the evening also went to the guests: Captain Fabian Holland welded a volley from an acute angle to 2-0 in his 200th second division game. A “sensation gate” for his trainer, in which there was a little luck, but: “If Fabi gets the ball that way, he has an incredible slipp.”

Despite the weaker second half: Lieberknecht proud

“There is certainly something to complain about in victory today,” Lieberknecht also confessed and probably thought in particular of the second round, in which only St. Pauli played. The coach liked this less, but “you can be proud of the boys because they left their heart on the pitch”. So his team defended the lead to the final phase and brought the victory over time even after Lukas Daschner (80th )’s connecting goal.

“With the necessary happiness”, the lilies achieved an important threesome, which Darmstadt led past the Hamburgers to third place. “For now a great moment for now,” opened the coach, who now has supposedly lighter opponents in front of his chest after four games against direct competitors. Next Saturday the Hesse will be in use at 8:30 p.m. and receive Erzgebirge Aue at home.