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Marvels Wolverine: Development will start its Capture performance, a photo of filming

Marvel's Wolverine (PS5) Will Start Motion Capture Soon! - Things Going In The Right Direction!

Since his ad in September 2021, the Marvel’s Wolverine Studios Insomniac Games has not given a lot of his news. Not really amazing when we know that the project is in its infancy and that the game will be released after Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 scheduled in 2023. However, Mike Yosh, who is none other than the chief facilitator on the game He left a little tweet in the day of Thursday, April 21, accompanied by a photo where we distinguish the motion hall capture of the Californian studio. Nothing extraordinary so far, except that the legend explicitly explains that Marvel’s Wolverine’s production entered the performance and motion capture phase. “_If peaceful and silent… It’s not going to stay like that long. It must therefore be understood that all the cinematics and the main animations of the game will be captured in the coming days, weeks and months, in order to shape this action game with a large narrative component. We also know after Brian Horton, who officiates as creative director on the game, that the tone will be resolutely adult; And it is clearly what players claim a title with Logan in the head of poster. We want his sharp blades to pierce all the enemies who will put themselves across his way.