Rummenigge reveals: Watzke counted with Bavaria

Theoretically, BVB could have delayed the tenth championship of Bayern again on Saturday. But no one really believed in it – not even Dortmund’s Managing Director Hans-Joachim Watzke.

FC Bayern is German football master. Yet again. For the tenth time in a row. Given the now a decade-on dominance of the record champion, this title is surprising for any1. Not for the big competitors from Dortmund not. Already before the game BVB Managing Director Hans-Joachim Watzke counted with a defeat of his black-yellow and accordingly with the next title win of the Munich.

“Aki is always a great pessimist in front of the games. That’s well known,” Bavaria’s ex-board leader Karl-Heinz Rummenigge reported “Bild” from a short conversation with Watzke before the kick-off: “He said before the game,” We’ll pick up our watschn here again today ‘. ” In the end, Watzke should be kept with his assessment – again – right.

“In recent years, the journey to Munich was never pleasant for him,” said Rummenigge understanding for Watzkes Pessimism before the game.

The view of the naked numbers supports the mood of the Dortmund Managing Director: Since the 30th matchday of the 2013/14 season, BVB has no longer dotted in Munich in the Bundesliga. In eight games, there were eight defeats at a goal ratio of 6:33! This trend continued unavoidably.

Maradona was better than Pele - Rummenigge

The 3: 1 success of Bayern on Saturday was “deserved at this level”, was Rummenigge. “The team made a largely good game, especially in the first half she has played very well and also deserves 2: 0 led. In the second half, the game was not so great anymore,” said the former CEO of the record champion.

Rummenigge welcomes BVB upgrade

The fact that “his” Bavaria became master for the tenth time in a row, Rummenigge looks quite mixed feelings: “What is football? Football is primarily emotion. If you are back three gaming days ago with twelve points in the front, missing. “

He simply lacks “a bit in the top of tension. The top needs a piece of far more emotion after the model England and Italy this season,” said Rummenigge. But now he is welcoming that the BVB is currently trying to build personnel “a bit” to make the championship more exciting.

Lost by their value, the shell for Rummenigge still has nothing. “The championship is not a consolation price,” he explained.