FC Augsburg: Weinzierl demands Despite Response to Hertha

Augsburg’s coach Markus Weinzierl has demanded after the setback against Hertha BSC a defiance of his team at VfL Bochum.
“We were disappointed to Hertha, of course, but look at nothing. We now have something to make up, and that’s the task, we are outwards,” Wezierl said in front of the Bundesliga game on Sunday (15:30 clock).
You must “make the little things better” than the most recent 0: 1 against the Berliner, so weinzierl: “We are motivated and have once again explicitly put the performance ideas in the foreground this week, even in training.”
With a victory, the FCA could settle in the relegation battle.

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But weinzierl warns of Bochum: “Bochum has already made a lot of good games at home. They play a strong season. But we also showed a very good performance, most recently in Munich.”