Insomniac games already compatible with the new PS5 functionality

Insomniac Games announces that all its games will have VRR technology on PS5.


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HUGE NEW PS5 UPDATE OUT THIS WEEK! PS5 VRR Support Variable Refresh Rate for PlayStation 5
We were talking to you earlier in the addition of VRR technology at the 5 PlayStation. We have a compatible game list now with technology.

Insomniac games already compatible VRR

Among the PS5 games announced as officially compatible with the Refresh Rate variable, we found Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered and Marvel’s Spider-Man: moral miles. And precisely, the Studio Insomniac Games announces that all its games are officially compatible , so we can wait until this is also the case as soon as they leave their next titles.

All our PS5 titles support the VRR (variable refresh rate) from today, with the latest game and system updates. Since our titles are already designed to have very stable image frequencies, the main effect of the VRR system setting will slightly increase the intended dynamic image resolution. However, if your TV also supports a 120 Hz high image frequency entry and the 120 Hz display mode option is active with VRR, you will get a variable and non-capped image frequency that can exceed 50% the target of 30 or 60 fps of the chosen or more graphical mode (depending on the gameplay).

If you encounter problems, make sure you use an HDMI 2.1 cable on a screen supporting the VRR. Please make sure that you use a VRR compatible entry on your screen and (if necessary) the VRR is activated in the screen settings for this specific input. Consult the owner’s manual of your screen for more information.

The PS5 lines up with the competition

This Update of the PS5 system will take place this week , we learned this morning. Insomniac announces that for its three games already released on the console, the Update takes place today . As a reminder, VRR technology allows, if you have a compatible screen, synchronize the refresh rate of the display dynamically with the video output of the console. Thus, the PS5 aligns with what is already available on Xbox Series and PC .

Insomniac Games announced that the VRR update would take place today on the PS5 games of the studio.

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