Rickey Paulding: Farewell to the basketball

After 15 years, Klubikone Rickey Paulding leaves the EWE Baskets Oldenburg and also the basketball stage. The last season for the BBL legend almost ended with a heavy deep blow.

It's not a goodbye - Die Ära Rickey Paulding geht zu Ende

When Rickey Paulding goes to work in Oldenburg one last time, he can look back in the face. On a wall next to the arena there is a huge mural that shows the club icons of the EWE Baskets, “Since 07/08” is on it, after a proud 15 years in Germany, the American ends the basketball. It is the end of an era.

The “biggest player that the Basketball Bundesliga has seen so far” (EWE Baskets) gives the last performance in Oldenburg on Friday evening against S.Oliver Würzburg, at least as far as the BBL is concerned. On June 4, a farewell game for the special professional will take place in the same place – honor who is due.

“Pauldingburg” takes a lot of effort for the club’s face, born in Detroit in 1982 and came to the Hunte via Israel and France. Paulding has made almost 8000 points (7933) for the Baskets, with which he became champion (2009) and cup winner (2015). The captain, which is also extremely popular beyond the association, is also the best foreign scorer in Bundesliga history.

“I couldn’t have dreamed that my career ends like this,” said Paulding at Nordwest TV with a view of the upcoming big day. There is plenty of support from the ranks against the Würzburg, not only from the loyal fans. “I’m excited. My family and my wife’s family are there.”

Paulding is “ready” for a new chapter. He returns to the USA, as much as it goes on as it goes on, but is still open. “I will just relax for the first few months,” announced the father of three children, he wants to stay his Baskets Oldenburg, because: “Basketball is my life and will always be.”

Paulding “A gift for this club and this city”

Paulding announced his end of his career at the beginning of October. Almost there would have been a deep blow to say goodbye, an unworthy end. Only two games before the end of the main round Oldenburg secured the relegation.

Paulding was spared the disappointment, the American, “a gift for this club and this city” (managing director Hermann Schüller) leaves traces. The graffito will hardly be brushed.

According to Paulding, he “immediately felt that Oldenburg will become more than one passage station, but not” thought that I will stay for 15 years. Visits to the second home are already planned: “We are happy to come back to see a few games.”