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Rumor: Venom would be a playable character in Marvel’s Spider

Marvel's Spider Man 2 LEAK - New Playable Character Wraith/Venom & Specific Missions for Characters
After the revelation of _ Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 _, Insomniac Games mentioned that you can play with Peter and thousands throughout the game. Although the information about this sequel has been practically nil in recent months, a new filtration provides new details about this title, and points out that the player could take control of Venom.

Recently, an anonymous user in 4Chan shared a series of details that were leaked in an email for developers in Insomniac Games. Here it is mentioned that The player can freely change between Peter and thousands when exploring the city and carrying out secondary missions . However, for the main content, users will have to take control of specific characters for history.

Along with this, a third playable character is mentioned, which can only be used in specific missions, and will allow to kill people using smoke, projectiles and “a kind of organic or artificial tentacles.” Although it is not mentioned by name, This description would indicate that Venom would be one of the characters that we could control throughout the adventure.

As always, these are only rumors, so you have to take this information with delicacy . On related issues, Bad Bunny will be the protagonist of a new Spider-Man Spin-off. Similarly, Sam Raimi talks about the details that fans did not notice in their Spider-Man movies.

Editor’s note:

The idea of playing as Venom at Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 sounds very interesting. Considering that this character has become an antihero in the comics, it would not be unreasonable to think that an alliance between Peter and Venom would be part of the climax of this title.