This is the only way to increase FC Schalke 04 prematurely

On matchday 31, Schalke lost the top game against Bremen and had to hand over the lead to SV Werder. On matchday 32, the narrow number conquered and can now take the last step towards the Bundesliga prematurely.

Schalke fans may need patience

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Since the 33rd matchday is not held at the same time this season, patience is required for the Schalke followers. The runner -up in Darmstadt (two points and three goals behind S04) will play at Fortuna Düsseldorf on Friday evening. The third Bremen is only in demand in Aue on Sunday.

Schalke, on the other hand, plays the top game against FC St. Pauli on Saturday evening, who, like the HSV, still calculates the chances of the Bundesliga. It is certain in any case: Only when Darmstadt fails on Friday and Schalke wins on Saturday will there be a party with over 60,000 fans in the stadium. In the “worst” case, the S04 supporters could have to wait until Sunday – and then climb “on the couch”.

if Schalke wins against St. Pauli,…

… S04 rises when Darmstadt in Düsseldorf and Bremen do not win in Aue. In this case, Schalke would even be a second division champion prematurely.

… S04 rises when Darmstadt or Bremen does not win. The decision about the second division championship would only be made on matchday 34.

Should Schalke play a draw against St. Pauli and win their away games both Darmstadt and Bremen, all three teams would go to the last matchday with 60 points.

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