“Dense” Communication -type cooperative puzzle ADV “We WERE HERE FOREVER” PC version Release -Escape the dungeon while reporting the situation to your partner

TOTAL MAYHEM GAMES has started distributing the two -person cooperative puzzle ADV “ We WERE HERE FOREVER ” on May 10 for PCs (Steam, Epic Game Store).

This work is an adventure game for solving the two -person cooperative type dedicated to online play. Use the transceiver in the game to report each other’s information and aim for an eerie Castle Rock Castle. In order to escape, close cooperation and communication are indispensable, and players needs to have compatible microphones and Internet connection . Explore areas such as graveyards, chapels, doll studies, etc., solve various puzzles, and report them to their partners and get over them when they are approaching themselves.

Features of games

  • Two cooperative play: Puzzle needs to be solved by two people. Let’s play each role. Cooperate with a transceiver, become an eye and hear each other, and exchange information.

  • Help and unite: Will it harden on the spot when you fall into a pinch? Or can you explain the situation accurately to your friends before you are calm and out of time?

  • Development of harassment: In a terrifying world of Castle Rock, you will enjoy a thrilling adventure that stands in the ancient powers standing in front of you and your partner.

  • Stingy story: There are things that have not yet been found, more scary. I encountered the Jester, but is he really the powerful one in Castle Rock Castle?

The inevitable puzzle ADV “We WERE HERE FOREVER” is being distributed to PC (Steam/Epic Games Store). Delivery for PS5/PS4/Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One is also planned. In addition, “We Were Here Forever: COMPLETE FAN PACK”, which is packed with 150 pages of digital artbooks and soundtracks that contains more than 40 songs, is on sale for Steam for 2,133 yen. In addition, official goods stores such as T -shirts and caps are being developed.