We have nothing to lose: how Schuster wants to go to the relegation with the FCK

Unconsciously, Schuster had already prepared a bit for his new job last Sunday. The 54-year-old had followed the second division game between the Karlsruher SC and Dynamo Dresden live in the stadium, without knowing how he assured on Wednesday that he was watching the next opponent of his future employer. Because while the KSC played a 2-1, 1. FC Kaiserslautern a few kilometers down the last chance of the direct ascent to Viktoria Cologne – which led to the separation of Marco Antwerpen and to commit Schuster on Betzenberg 48 hours later.

Daniel Schuhmacher -...and just like that (official video)

When the Chemnitz native was officially presented in Kaiserslautern late Wednesday afternoon, he had already had the first training session with his new team in the Fritz Walter Stadium-he did not reveal whether he was already revealing something from his weekends. But how he imagines the preparation for the two relegation games against the SGD: “We need the willingness of each individual, not only on the match day, but in every training session.”

Together with his assistant Sascha Franz, the relegation -tested cobbler now wants to “do not turn everything on the left, but make a few fine modifications”. “A stable defensive work from all players is extremely important to him”. At the same time, “we want to play football, do not pave and go to second balls,” he continued. “But we won’t reinvent football and make the team totally cheat.”

Everyone can show themselves that everyone gets the chance, nobody is excluded

Dirk Schuster

In nine days the FCK receives the second division-16. On the Betzenberg for the relegation first in the relegation. For Schuster enough to bring the team mentally back on course after the recent three defeats, “converting this slight disappointment into positive energy”. “We have nothing to lose. Many teams, exactly 17, would want to exchange with us.”

In order to be able to go into the “sharp preparation from Monday”, the new coaching team will play an internal test game at the weekend, with external referees and separate jersey colors. Crystallization should be out of the question of who is ready for the decision -making games. “Everyone can show themselves that everyone gets the chance, nobody is marginalized,” says Schuster.

And what does the relegation come? This first plays a subordinate role. The new FCK coach said that he does not want to comment on contract content. But: “I hope that I can stay here longer.”