FIFA 22: This is how your gate chooses

The escape light is on, 80,000 spectators – the tension is in the air. The players run in, the fans stretch the scarf up. It sounds the club anthem.

So that nothing is missing from the football festival, FIFA 22 offers club and goal anthems again. The catch: Not every club has a hymn and you can only select yourself in two modes. We show you what is possible.

celebrate the decisive goal with music

Memories become awake immediately: In FIFA 13 and 14, their own catch chants, goal anthems and club anthems were imported. This is not possible in FIFA 22. Basically, there is only a goal anthem for a few clubs.

Spin the Globe Decides My Team... In FIFA 22! ????

Which goal anthems are there?

Borussia Dortmund, Inter and AC Milan, Olympique Lyon and Real Madrid have 22 goal anthems in FIFA. However, the AC Milan can also be heard from other clubs, which also play the song used by the Milanese when cheers.

That means: There is no way in the settings, for example Erzgebirge Aue to give Real Madrid’s goal anthem. Just as little as a song from the soundtrack – except: You create Erzgebirge Aue in Create A Club in career mode or play with this team in Ultimate Team (FUT).

How do I activate the torsongs?

What leads us to the next question. How can I activate the songs? In Fut, the songs can be bought with coins via the transfer market. You can then select them in the “Development of the Stadium” submenu. Small hurdle: You have to play a few games beforehand and unlock the associated milestone.

When creating an association in career mode, you will be automatically made to choose from.

before the game: a sea on scarves and the right song

It gets a little more complicated with the club anthems. However, a picture is also like here: only a handful of clubs have a song when it goes out onto the virtual green. After all, a few more than with the goal anthems.

Which club anthems are there?

There are from the Bundesliga: 1. FC Nürnberg, FC Augsburg, Borussia Mönchengladbach, Arminia Bielefeld and Dortmund. From England on board: Chelsea London, FC Everton, Leeds United, FC Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Newcastle United, Watford, Preston North End and West Bromwich Albion. From Spain and England there are club anthems for Real and Atletico Madrid and AC Milan.

How do I activate the club anthems?

As with the goal anthems, you can buy the club anthems in Fut on the transfer market. However, you will quickly catch up: there are also items for FC Barcelona and Co.

So do they also have a music when they enter? No, these are just fishing channels that sound at the start of the match. Both in Create A Club and Fut you can activate the songs, as described above in the goal anthems.

If you wonder how a song finds the way to the playlist, we have something for you here. Otherwise: into the virtual stadium, scarf out and sing along.