Völler as a singer on the fence

After his last game as managing director of Bayer Leverkusen, football icon Rudi Völler made the singer. Around a quarter of an hour after the 2-1 against SC Freiburg, the fans demanded “Völler on the fence”.

The 62-year-old went towards the curve, shot a ball into the empty goal on the way and then let himself be helped on the fence. “Now someone has to tell me what to do,” said the 1990 world champion in the middle of the trailers with a microphone in my hand. Then he started a “Ufa Verzätzenä” and hopped with the followers.

After 21 years in Rudiing management positions, Völler stops as managing director at Bayer and in future acts as a member of the shareholder committee and club ambassador.

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Before becoming a manager of Manager Reiner Calmund in 1996, he had played as a striker in Leverkusen for two years. His time was interrupted by Bayer only from autumn 2000 to January 2005, when Völler was initially team boss of the national team and then briefly coach at AS Rome.

After Völler, player Julian Baumgartlinger also had to go on the fence. The 34-year-old no longer receives a contract after six years at Bayer.