BVB: Marco Rose leaves the future of Youssoufa Moukoko open

What’s next at Borussia Dortmund with Youssoufa Moukoko? BVB head coach Marco Rose has given an assessment after the last Bundesliga game against Hertha BSC, after the last reports about a goodbye to the super talent were recently circulated.

For Youssoufa Moukoko, an extremely difficult season at Borussia Dortmund ended with a great moment of happiness. The 17-year-old had scored the winning goal against Hertha BSC (2-1) on the last Bundesliga match day.

After his goal, Moukoko ran directly to BVB icon Michael Zorc, who leaves the district club after 44 years, and thus showed his connection to the outgoing Roses director.

On the other hand, the relationship with his trainer Marco Rose seems to be a bit cooler. Moukoko, thrown back from several injuries this season, was only in a starting eleven of the BVB in 2021/22. The 15 substitutions in the Bundesliga often took place shortly before the end of the game – as against the Berliners.

“I believe that Mouki is not satisfied with the season, with the times of operation – he has already known. “, said Rose after the end of the press at the press conference.

Rose schimpft wegen Moukoko mit den Medien

Youssouufa Moukoko has to “earn” missions at BVB

Rose is pleased that Moukoko against Hertha BSC was now able to demonstrate his risk of scoring: “You saw his dynamics, he started at the right moment.”

The head coach also also pushed after: “Of course he has to develop in some areas.”

Rose wants to work on Moukoko’s “tactical discipline that work against the ball”. At the same time, he made it clear that the youngster had to “earn” his opportunities.

How to proceed with Moukoko at BVB does not seem to have been finally clarified, as Rose showed through: “I think that if he stays healthy next year and we will continue together that he will take steps there.”

“Bild” had recently reported that the attacker definitely wanted to “leave” BVB in summer. His contract is dated until summer 2023.