FC Schalke 04 | Unveiled: Thats why Mike Büskens doesnt want to be a chief coach

In the final sprint of the 2nd Bundesliga, interim coach Mike Büskens woke up FC Schalke 04 just in time and led to the promotion with a winning streak. The 54-year-old has now revealed in an interview why he still has no desire to continue as a chief coach of the concise.

First Eurofighter, then ascent coach: Mike Büskens already has a permanent place in the history books of FC Schalke 04. Many fans would like the ex-professional to be on the sidelines in the 1st Bundesliga as a boss, but the native of Düsseldorf wants to go back to the second member.

“The job as head coach can not only be very entertaining, but also very short -lived,” Büskens explained in an interview with the “Editorial Network Germany”. On the other hand, he wanted “continuity in my work”, so the decision is “just right” for him.

Means: After the season, which ends for S04 on Sunday at friendly 1. FC Nürnberg (3:30 p.m./Sky), the fan favorite withdraws into the second row.

FC Schalke 04: Mike Büskens demands “Look for reality”

In order to be able to survive in the upper house in the future, Büskens calls for humility from the entire association.

“A prerequisite for success will be that everyone will keep the view of reality,” said the trainer: “One should not forget that we are no longer the regular Champions League candidate, but the association that is almost the negative record of Tasmania Berlin would have broken. “

Schalke had relegated from the Bundesliga without a sound in 2020/2021. Under Dimitrios Grammozis, the team subsequently established itself in the top group of the 2nd league, but failed too often.

Only after Büskens’ promotion did the royal blue consistency develop and rolled up the field from behind.