SV Darmstadt 98 extended with the next offensive man

Football second division Darmstadt 98 also bound another offensive player depending on the ligaun.
As the lilies announced, Foreigner Braydon Manu extended his expiring contract until summer 2024. Central forward Aaron Seydel had also expanded his working paper by two years this week regardless of the possible rise to the Bundesliga.

Darmstadt 98 | Abschlussstark mit Aaron Seydel
“I feel the absolute trust of the people acting here and feel extremely comfortable in the area of the club,” said Manu.
The Carsten Wehlmanning director Carsten Wehlmann spoke of a “player type that you don’t find so often and Braydon also fits perfectly in our structure with which we want to build something in the long term.”

Manu moved from Halle FC to Darmstadt in summer 2019, this season he collected eight scorer points in 20 missions.